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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by curiouser, Apr 21, 2001.

  1. curiouser

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    I've had a number of different entities (CRAs, IRS, etc.) ask me this question when I've been questioning their procedures. The response that stops people in their tracks immediately is: "Are you advising me to seek representation? Do you think I need an attorney to protect my interests? Why would I need an attorney unless you are planning to act in bad faith?" Asking you if you have an attorney is an attempt to intimidate you and to get information that is none of the CRA's business.
  2. Jim

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    Re: TU "using an attorney

    Good response to those combative comments from TU to our board members here.

    I am sure this topic of attorneys, fraud and TU is going to get interesting. Everyone should be careful what they say to the CRA's. I just hope no one gets hurt.
  3. Bill Bauer

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    Re: TU "using an attorney

    That's cute! I like that. One of those things that constantly keep popping up that makes one say to himself,"Now why didn't I think of that?"
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    Re: TU "using an attorney

    I think they assume that the american public to too stupid to know their rights and MUST have a lawyer doing the talking.

    We are all too dumb to write real dispute letters that make sense and to expect they act according to the rules. NOT!
  5. Bill Bauer

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    Dumb letters

    Well, I've seen some really dumb letters on some message boards too.


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