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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by eddie, Jun 7, 2000.

  1. eddie

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    My Equifax has someone else name on my report.If i send a copy of my SSN an Driving License with the photo black out do you think they will accept it.

    Any help
  2. spyguyjim

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    This is actually more common that you would think. It occurs on occasion by data entry errors or when someone chooses to use your SSN for identification purposes. Illegal aliens are notorious for doing this (I'm sure many others do too, but here in California this is very common). I see many phoney SSN's used in the course of my work. The person probably has a fake Social Security Card with his number and your name on it, and it most likely using it for employment purposes (These people are possibly adding money to your Social Security account and making it look like you earn more than you do. Maybe not so disreable since the feds might want to collect back taxes on some of that money someday!).

    Another reason you'll see other names on the report is in cases of fraud or identity theft. This is where a person uses some or all of your personal information to open new accounts or leach off your exisiting accounts.

    Make sure you get current copies of all three credit reports and verify all the listed accounts are, in fact, yours. If not, you may have a bigger problem on your hands that just an extra name.

    I imagine it would be hard to get the CRA's to remove an extra name on your file. Many people use aliases and the CRA's have various alerts that highlight conflicting info such as differnet names when credit reports are obtained.

    You could try to send them a copy of your Social Security Card and Driver's License with your SSN on it. Unfortunately, the Social Security Adminstration won't be much help and can only offer a Social Security Statement which lists your contributions and estimated benefits when you are able to qualify. You might be able to get a letter from them confirming you are the right person, I am not sure.

    Check out for more info.
  3. spyguyjim

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    Sorry....I meant your SSN number and his name!! That's what I get for posting so late!
  4. Eric

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    RE: correction!

    I would call them up and tell them the names are erroneous, and see what they say. I've had good success with that. I had some incorrect SSNs (probably data entry error) removed that way.
  5. Doris K.

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    RE: correction!

    That's exactly what I'd recommend. However, while helping my daughter get her credit reports in order, I found that getting anything done by phone with the people at Equifax was REALLY difficult. Then I found an easier way to deal with Equifax.

    Instead of calling Equifax directly, Ive found that it's much less a pain to call an Equifax affiliate such as CSC Credit Services in Houston. CSC handles much of Equifax's data entry, and they also handle investigations. Each of the four times I called them, I got a friendly rep. who was very helpful and took care of everything I asked for with no problems. The phone calls were so friendly, we even joked and made small talk while the rep. was retrieving the information and noting my requests.

    Some of the experts here might not be too keen on the idea of dealing with credit bureaus without sending a formal dispute letter via certified mail. Each of the actions I requested on the phone were for flagrant errors for which I had first contacted the creditors and a court to verify that the information listed on the credit report was incorrect. We felt very certain that the items in question would not be verified and would be deleted. They were all deleted in a very timely manner. Other corrected items included some erroneous former addresses and former employers. These were easily corrected as well.

    The number to contact CSC Credit Services is 1-800-759-5979. I'm not sure if they handle reports exlusively for this region, but my guess is that they have the capabilities to handle all Equifax reports. I would, however, like to see what some of the experts here think of this. Perhaps it would be best to wait and see what they have to say before attempting to deal with an Equifax affilate.

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