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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joe, May 10, 2001.

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    Wow. I think everyone needs to hear about this experience. Back in mid-April, I went to the (UMB) web site. I applied for the basic, free checking account. Filled out the usual forms. A few moments passed. A screen came up and told me I had been approved for the checking account + debit card. It also did a "cross-sell." The page said, "If anything is shown below, you have also been approved for the following products." For me, it listed an overdraft line and a Platinum level Visa (with credit lines specified). I accepted everything, sent in a checking account deposit and waited. And waited. Then, a mystery letter from "Risk Management" comes. Seems they needed a couple utility bills for verification. Ok, I call them and they cannot say anything. I fax the paperwork over. And I wait and wait again. First week of May, I call. No credit card processed yet, no checks ordered, but they did have my initial deposit. They cannot explain what is causing the delay...but they work on it. As of today, I have found that the credit account is open and a card is on its way. The checks + debit card too.

    Bottom Line? UMB has a fast approval and cross sell system. It works and quickly. The rest of the operation seems not-ready for prime time. They dragged an APPROVED new checking and credit customer around for ONE MONTH!? I-Banks are supposed to be on their toes. I will stay with them a while and evaluate.

    Imagine if I had been denied?

    Any other feedback? Oh yeah, they were always NICE, just no help/no info/and at times, no clue.

    Their CC operation is outscored to a large midwestern outfit.


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