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  1. zip

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    A few months back I applied with umbrellabank to take advantage of their low transfer rate.I got a denial letter with the reason of unpaid collections.Well all collections were paid but cra's were not reporting,so I contacted them to have them update. In mean time I contacted Umbrellabank and talked to rep that explained to me that once they recieved updated info they would review it and due to the fact that the only reason for denial was the unpaid items it would look like I would be approved. I waited and heard nothing from them.I called again and they had nothing from cra's and I should reapply seeing report had been updated. So I did and just found out today I was declined due to to many inquires. I had gone to planetfeedback to lodge a complaint and got an e-mail saying that my complaint would be fowarded to management-all I want from them is to have the 2 inquires deleted- I told them that they sucked and I would never consider doing business with them now.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    If you were DENIED for only ONE reason (INQUIRES), that is a stupid reason.


    Isn't that the card that has BETTER interest rate for the "LOWER STATIS" card???
    That is logical too...
  3. zip

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    yes it is george,and I just got off the phone with customer service and she asked me if I still wanted the card and I said I was no longer interested in giving them my business and all I wanted was for them to delete the inquires,she said she would see what she could do on Monday when her supervisor came in
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    It's really no loss for you. You're better off without them.

    My fiance has their card. The mail the statement to you long after the statement has been processed. You receive it less than two weeks before the payment is due. Even when you mail the payment out the very next day, they take so long to post it that half the time it is considered late. Then they have the nerve to tell you that you need to allow 2 weeks from the date you mail the check for it to be posted. Although they still claim that they post it the day they receive it. And of course they have no online payment.

    Needless to say, he has stopped using the card, and just holds onto it just in case.
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    ITS YELLOW!!!!! Yuck....

    I think its a rank looking card.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: ITS YELLOW!!!!! Yuck....

    Previous posts have said they are embarrassed using it...

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