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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by R. Ellis, Jul 11, 2000.

  1. R. Ellis

    R. Ellis Guest

    Has anyone had airflight baggage insurance charged to their creditcard that they did not request when booking airline tickets by phone or online. This has happened to me on several occassions. When I call the credit card company they say they did not do this and it must be the airline, the airlines always say they did not do it either. Someone does it and I am having a hard time finding out who is fraudulently charging my card. The credit card company always credit the charge but I'm getting tired of this and would like to get to the bottom of it. I hate to think that someone is either charging my card with unauthorised charges or handing out my credit card number to a third party. Has this happened to anyone else, if so I'd like to hear from you.
  2. Alex - Cre

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    Unauthorized charges on your credit card are serious business, I would suggest that you cancel that account immediately, your credit card company can easially issue you a new account number and send you a new credit card . Be safe!


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