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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by whyspers, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. whyspers

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    I have been disputing a JC Penney account with Experian and they keep coming back as having verified the account. Well, tonight while responding yet again and enclosing documentation supporting the fact that this was not my account, but rather my husband's account, I found out that JC Penney CHANGED the name on the account from his to mine!!!! He opened this account prior to our marriage and added me as an authorized user. When he filed for bankruptcy in 1998, they apparently just removed his name and substituted mine!

    I've written Experian, GC Card Services and the attorney that handled my husband's bankruptcy, but I am just really blown away by this. How can they get away with changing the name on the account???

    Please give me some advice here....I've requested that GC Card Services send me any supporting documentation showing that I accepted a credit offer from JC Penney, but they won't have it. JC Penney reported to them that this account was opened by ME. I've tried to speak with JC Penney, but they refer me to GC Card Services.

    Is it hopeless or does anyone smell a lawsuit here? I'm so furious right now.

  2. bbauer

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    No, it isn't hopeless at all and yes, there may be some possibility of a lawsuit here. But you have to build a paper trail first.
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    Deal directly with J.C. Penney, ask for a copy of your signed application. Dispute the fact that it was not your account.

    Ask your husband to call and remove you as an authorized user.

    Don't laugh, I removed my other half from my Macy's account in September (had disputed twice, verified twice) it was included in my 1998 BK.

    I called and asked why this account was reporting under her name, Spoke with Bankruptcy department. Answer she is an Authorized User. I requested that she be removed as such, that the account be removed from her reports and that they verify in writing.

    All taken care of.

    ALso offered to affirm the debt, they were not interested.

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