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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by once38, Jul 20, 2001.

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    I am the king of the override.These are the ones I can remember.All at first were declined.
    Freedom Card(just have to verify address)It was on the Equifax report they pulled,duh
    One collection and one late plus 605 score gets me
    denied on the instant approval.But when these
    credit managers see 6 years of perfect history
    they are willing to give me a chance.No membership
    banking at this time.Amex will deny you if you have more than 3 inquiries on your chexsystems even
    though you have no bounced checks or anything negative.The good news is chexsystems said inquiries drop off after 90 days so I'll be clear to reapply in october.If you pass on chex systems
    then they run credit and that is where I might be denied.I don't know if its worth it just to have a checking account with them and maybe a debit card.
    Probably the cobaltcard is enough.
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    INteresting..and congrats!
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    Re: Union 76 approval-Once38

    What number did you call for reconsideration for Union 76?

    Who did you ask to speak with?


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    Re: Union 76 approval-Once38


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