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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by R, Oct 22, 2000.

  1. R

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    Has anyone dealt with the UBOC Secured MasterCard at all? It's actally issued by First BankCard Center (1st Nat'l Bank of Omaha) -- but is branded UBOC. Any feedback would be appreciated!

  2. Michael

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    One of my clients dealt with First Bancard a few years back.

    He started with Fullerton Community Bank with the Beverly Hills Visa card (Secured) then this bank closed the programme and sold the accounts to First Bancard.

    First Bancard then tried to ding him with an annual fee, though he paid Fullerton a few months prior. Later on he requested to go non secured and First Bancard would only consider the length that he was their client, and didn't care about the 10 months his account was opened before they bought it.

    He then closed his account and received his deposit back.

    Obviously these situations would not relate to you, but it does show they are not very flexible!
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    First BankCard Center

    Does anyone know what other banks First BankCard Center issues secured cards for? I know it does Sovreign Bank-branded cards in the Northeast.

    Also, do the cards report as secured or unsecured, and do they report as First BankCard Center or as the branded bank (i.e., Sovreign, UBOC, etc.)?

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