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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by meow1, Aug 5, 2000.

  1. meow1

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    My sister's credit card company did not receive her payment, which she did mail, and charged her a $30 late charge on a $14 bill. They told her they could not take it off. What can she do?
  2. Stormie

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    Unfotuantly most companies have a standard late fee regardless of your balance. This information can be found in her original account disclosure. Since she already contacted the company already she will most likely have to pay it, unless you have proof that her payment arrived on or before the due date. Like a certified mailing reciept, delivery confimation reciept ect... Or if the check or other payment method was cashed on or prior to the due date. If not, she'll have to pay the late charge in order to comply with the account holders contractual agreement. And to avoid any other charges. One last hope is to call back and ask to speak to a supervisior and see if the can help, perhaps she can explain this has never happened before, have them review the account and they may waive it as a courtesy due to her credit history with them. It's worth a try any way, good luck.

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