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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by teresa, Jun 10, 2000.

  1. teresa

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    I have online banking and I was looking at my statment today and noticed a debit from my check card of $ 69.95 from an IPI Credit report fee. I have no clue or can not remember what this is if anyone knows anything about what IPI is please let me know thanks
  2. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    My guess is the "free credit report" website and their "notification service." Signing up for anything "free" most always results is a charge if you do not fully understand what you are getting into. Have you signed up for anything on-line within the last month?

    If its really an unauthorized charge, you have no idea what it is, send a letter of dispute to your credit card company immediately to protect your rights. You have sixty days from the billing date to start an investigation. You do not have to pay for any disputed charge while it is being investigated.
  3. renae

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    Have you given your checking account number out over the phone to anyone? Have you done ordered anything over the phone and gave your debit card number as a credit card or ordered anything and paid by "check over the phone"? If you answer no, call your bank and ask them to trace the transaction. They may tell you they can't but don't let them get away with that. I may be a little more work for them than it would be if it were a paper check but it can be done.

    I don't know who this company is--never heard of them. Good luck!
  4. renae

    renae Guest

    If it is a debit card as opposed to a true credit card, they don't give you the same protection as a credit card. You have to call your bank. How recent was the debit? If it's not too old, they may still be able to stop payment on it (even if it's already been paid), or to reverse it.
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  6. spyguyjim

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    I refuse to carry such a card. These cards are like giving someone the key to every bit of your personal wealth! Especially when your checking account is linking to your savings account and ultimately a secondary line of overdraft protection, such as a credit card or money market account.

    Anyone who uses one should stop immediately and request a regular ATM card, in my opinion. I can't see any good reason to use them.
  7. kim

    kim Well-Known Member

    I can think of three good reasons to use the ATM debit

    1. Reducing the cost of checks.

    2. No need to worry about going out of town and trying to write a check.

    3. Those who have bad records with SCAN or Telecheck.

  8. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    Perhaps valid reasons, but I still believe the potential risks outwiegh the benefits. Its a personal choice, mine is to not use them.

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