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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by greeneyez, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. greeneyez

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    Thanks to this forum, I have been working efficiently and diligently. To fix the problems on my credit report. So far, I have seen a fifty point increase from taking on CAs.

    They are:
    Enhanced Recovery--Paid original creditor in full. CA listing now gone from TU and EQFX. Remains on Experian as: "Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default"
    I will be contacting the CA to see if they can update my status to "paid in full."
    Verizon-Paid the original creditor as well. Remains on all 3 CRAs. It is incorrectly listed as "settled for less than amount owed." I contacted Verizon, and they agreed that it was listed incorrectly, and sent out another notice to remedy the listing. They provided me a confirmation number.
    ERC- Paid original creditor. No longer shows on TU or Equifax. It reads, "open. Paid." on Experian. I'm wondering if opened or closed makes a difference?

    The two monsters I'm still facing are a judgment that I'm chipping away at, and will have paid off in the next month. The second is All State Credit Services, regarding an old apt. complex. I'm still putting together a legal letter to send off, but I'm not sure physically how it is supposed to read. I wish there were a template lol!

    So, with all of this work, I'm only about 1/2 there. I will be ecstatic when I get to 700.
  2. jam237

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    The best template really is the one that you write yourself. The industry association teaches them how to spot a form letter, and the typical response is ho hum; and unfortunately, they've been taught the case law which debunks some of the verbiage in most of the form letters.

    Look at the Easter Eggs post, and you'll see plenty of snipplets that you can use from those cases to have the CA realizing that it's not in their best interest to take you on. :)
  3. JoshuaHeckathorn

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    Congrats on the success and 50 point increase! It's always awesome to meet someone new here and follow along with your victories both small and large.

    For ERC, I would want the status to read "Paid in Full" and closed. When an account has had any negative history associated with it, you want it off your credit reports as soon as possible. Closed accounts fall off your reports after 10 years, so you want that clock to start earlier rather than later.

    As you're learning, cleaning up your credit is often a long and slow process. Hang in there and relish in the small victories. You'll get to where you want to be!

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