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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JustMe, Sep 13, 2000.

  1. JustMe

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    About a month ago I posted the following:

    "I have an active MasterCard account. I noticed that it isn't appearing on any of my credit reports ( I have a copy of all three). I called the issuing bank last month and they said they will ensure that it gets reported. Well I checked again this month and still isn't showing. I opened this account in 04/2000. I called the bank today and they asked me to fax ALL THREE copies to them! They said that this is the only way they can solve the problem! I can't believe this! Why can't they contact the CRA's and see what going on. I don't feel comfortable faxing my credit reports! This bank advertising a lot on the internet and says they report to all 3 CRA's. What should I do? I called equifax today and they said they have no record of this bank reporting. Who is lying to me?"

    Now here is an update:

    I refused to fax or send them my credit reports. I called their home office and raised hell! I told them that they falsely advertised because they are not reporting my account. The home office said that they would contact the bank and see what's going on. The bank still insisted that without me faxing my reports the matter could not be solved. Well I guess the home office got them straight! I just checked and the account's full history has been accurately reported! It reminds me of the CRA's...they say that they can't change a thing and then change it when you go above their heads!

    We live and learn!
  2. Steven Z

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    RE: There's always a way

    "they say that they can't change a thing and then change it when you go above their heads!"

    Hey good show, this method has been successful for me throughout my life. It never fails to amuse me as to how stunned and surprised individual's and companies get with this happens to them especially the control freaks.

    A warning though, don't try this if you employed in a very "corporate" culture you'll win the battle but lose the war by being canned.
  3. Chet

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    Good job kid,
    In the sub-prime world, all we ask for is our due respect. We are trying to correct past mistakes, and our efforts deserve to be rightly documented.

    Could you please reveal which CC company this was, so that we all can keep a heads up!


  4. irish diva

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    Don't forget, though - it takes 45-90 days usually for an update to go through. That would have put your reporting at the latest by the beginning of August.

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