update w/blue from amex......

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tony Verel, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. Tony Verel

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    called amex today bout a pending app. from 1.2.01 and after yesterday answering several questions that i filled out on the online application...new accounts said i was approved for the Blue 0% for 6months then 10.99% after, $2,000credit limit...only 32k yearly salary, just out of college (usc)
    accounts to date:
    providian 2/99 $1400 limit
    chase gold 9/00 $5000 limit
    citibank plat. select 11/00 $5000 limit
    12/00 car loan $19,000 13.99%apr.
    no negatives....have several new accounts less than (6months) and close to 5 hard inquiry's in the last 12months....i was confident i would be denied knowing they are very strict bout inquiry's and new accounts....so thank you everyone here for helping me build my credit...much appreciated..

    tony - san diego
  2. roni

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    Great job Tony.

  3. Eugene

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    RE: update w/blue from amex...

    My report is very similar to yours - also three cards, 3/99, 3/00 and 7/00, no other loans, lower total limits, higher income, no negatives, 2 inquiries in the last 6 months. Denied for the same card at the same time you are approved. Are we playing lottery here?

    They said I absolutely had to have at least two accounts of at least two years old to get approved for Blue (same with Cash Rewards, by the way). Now I see this is not true. What the hell is the matter with them?

    The frustration of being denied does not even come close to the feeling that they consider me an idiot. I'm gonna call them again tomorrow for real answers. I hope you don't mind being an anonymousexample in my little war with them, Tony.

    Sincere congratulations to you, though! Blue is a great card!

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