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  1. greeneyez

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    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to provide some updates to you folks on my credit rehab journey! I will break down the progress I made by how it shows on my credit report:

    LJ Ross Associates
    I found out the original creditor was Consumers Energy
    The balance read 275.00

    -I sent out a debt validation letter to LJ. They replied, providing all of my original statements from consumers.
    -I called Consumers Energy directly. They told me they would not accept any payment, and that I would have to go through LJR.
    -I called LJR. First the agent wanted me to pay 250.00, and call it a day. I asked if I paid that, would the account then read "paid in full." She said no.
    -I politely ended the call, and called back. I spoke with another agent, and explained my situation. I asked to speak with a supervisor. I acted SUPER grateful. The supervisor told me he would work with me, if I paid in full, and would mail me a copy of everything. I agreed. He put me on a hold and he said he would be able to delete the trade line, and would mail me a copy of everything. He did provide me a confirmation number as well.

    Enhanced Recovery Collections
    Original Creditor was ATT
    Amount showed as 280.00

    -I called ATT, and found out the amount was from old equipment that was never turned in.
    -My husband found the equipment, and I called ATT and let them know I would be returning the equipment. I asked then if I could pay the remaining balance. The rep told me that because the equipment was past 130days, that even if I returned it, the charge would remain. I asked to speak with a supervisor. I explained my personal situation causing this problem; I told her I would return the equipment in the afternoon, and that if we could work out a deal for the balance. She was able to get it down to 90.00, which I paid in full, and have receipts for both the payment and then equipment being returned.

    Credit Management LP
    Original Creditor was WOW Cable Services
    Same situation with ATT. I returned the equipment, paid the balance, got receipts, and fired those off to the CA

    I guess what really helped me was just being nice to the reps on the phone, and explaining my situation patiently. Let me know what questions you have!
  2. JoshuaHeckathorn

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    Did you get the PFD agreement with the supervisor at LJR in writing as well? It always makes me a bit nervous when I hear that they agreed to something over the phone in return for payment. Also, how is this debt currently being reported on your credit reports? Are both the OC and CA reporting it?
  3. jam237

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    BTW: Also, keep in mind, our most powerful additional weapon. Memorialization.

    Even if they refuse to put it in writing, you can.

    Simply draft a letter which states to everything that was agreed upon, and by whom, and send it CMRRR.

    That puts it into the record, and if they don't challenge your memorialization, then you have proof as to the agreement that was agreed upon.
  4. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    More updates! Lj ross sent me a hard copy of the terms we discussed. Is therr a way to post pictures on here?
  5. JoshuaHeckathorn

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    Look in the top toolbar when you're drafting a post and you should see a little picture of a tree on the right of the toolbar. Click on that and you'll be able to insert an image

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