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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cathy, Jun 2, 2000.

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    I have two department store cards that have not been reported since 6/99. They still show a high balance, but they are now paid off and have been for a few months. Both are good accounts, but I am getting ready to buy a house and I want them to show current statuses.

    How can I go about having this done?

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    RE: Updating accounts in your


    You can dispute this with the bureaus and they can update the info on your report.
    You can see a sample dispute letter here:

    Good luck!


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    "high balance" vs. a

    If you are talking about the recent balances on your accounts that are still showing as owing, then call the creditors and ask them to report a zero balance. Have them do a manual update with the CRA's and send you confirmation in writing as to your account status and balance.

    But perhaps you are confusing the high balance with the actual balance? The "high balance" shows, of course, the highest balance your account ever reported during all your experience with that particular creditor.

    I don't see why you would want that to show anything but the highest credit you ever achieved, since many creditors stopped reporting credit limits.
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    RE: Updating accounts - Be car

    I recently disputed a car loan that was showing as 0 balance open rather than closed.

    Since they didn't hear back from the creditor, they deleted the account completely.
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    RE: Updating accounts in your

    Th ebest thing to do would be to write the card holders and ask them to remove the bad postings from your report, explain maybe what happend when they were reported and that things have noe been made right and everything is in good standings and then hope they will do it if not all you can do as far as I know is wait 7 years and it will fall off....

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