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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Centurion, Aug 18, 2000.

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    I currently have a Citibank Visa (standard/classic level). I am considering upgrading it to a gold or platinum visa. I am not sure if I should just upgrade my Citibank visa or get a new visa. I have always had to ask for credit limit increases. They have always given it to me, but that may be because I didn't ask for them that much. I have been looking at the Security First Network Bank Visa (www.sfnb.com). Their rates are excellent, and they have an airline rebate program. Should I stay with Citibank or go with SFNB (or someone else)?
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    RE: Upgrading to Gold or Plati

    Citibank is the best in the industry! They were even kind to me when I had financial problems & Fleet charged off my credit card. They lowered the interest rate to 8% with no fees, and listed it as current. They got every dime back, plus 8%.
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    RE: Upgrading to Gold or Plati

    Pat, I totally agree with you. About 6 years ago I ran into some financial problems and Citibank was more than generous by lowering my interest, the customer service rep. reversed all interest charges every month, and accepted my $100.00 payments every month for 3 years. And they got every cent. Would not trade Citibank for anyone else!
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    RE: Upgrading to Gold or Plati

    If the cards have no annual fee, you should keep the Citibank and get the SFNB. If you have 3-5 cards, it allows you to make money with your credit. I play the credit card shuffle with my numerous lines. This helps me get rewards and lower my interest cost and to obatin line increases without asking.

    Profit from the experience.


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