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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Laray, May 22, 2001.

  1. Laray

    Laray Well-Known Member

    Ok to make a long story short, I signed up for their e client program I believe 3/17/01. They were to take payment out of my checking account on 4/1/01. 4/2/01, got an email saying they received all my information and were ready to begin my dispute. the following week, I was contacted by someone from the firm saying my payment didnt go through. Ok, I called and what do you know, they reversed my account number and routing number. Ok set up a another date for the draft payment and the same damn thing happened! I called and she read me my account number as my routing number and my routing number as my account number! I said no....I thought we cleared this up last week. She told me that was what we switched it to the last time after my payment didnt go through (ummmm hello....if it was right the first time, it would have went through, so what the heck are you talking about). After we hung up, I emailed her a copy of a cancelled check so that she would have all the information in front of her face!

    On the 15th of this month, I got this email:

    We thought that we'd drop you a line and let you know that we're hard at
    work on your case.

    In fact, we're fanatically committed to being right on top of our clients'
    cases - which is one of the reasons we're emailing you. A red flag came up
    on your case and we would like very much to speak with you about it.

    We continue to be committed to helping you with your credit issues and hope
    that we can find a way to assist you. We hope to hear back from you soon.
    Please contact me by email. I am in the office Monday through Friday.

    Then a few hours later I got this email:
    I have reviewed your case and see that your May payment has been returned as non
    payment. I do need to know what date I can redraft that payment and there is a
    $15.00 return charge. You can email me or give me a call.

    MAY 16, 2001, I emailed her back telling her I really want to work this out. I don't understand why this keeps happening. I said I called the bank three times and each time they said I never had a returned draft and they told me the amount in my bank account was more than enough to cover the costs of the program. I also mentioned that if needed I could send them a check for the amount I owe by snail mail, so they would have record of it since they keep messing something up. I told her if that wasnt convenient, we could set up automatic payments on my credit card.

    Yesterday.....I called her because I had not received an email from her or a phone call.

    Today: Someone else from the Law Firm emailed me:
    Due to the inactivity on your account, we have canceled your retainer with
    our company. If you have any questions or would like to reinstate the
    retainer agreement, please feel free to call me.

    I want to scream! Has anyone else had this much frustration with these people?
  2. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Probably so.

    The first time is understandable. It does happen in phone conversations that people on the other end goof it up. I've had it happen several times with different credit card companies. But they always get it right the second time and then it's usually that they get one number left out or misplaced. That's all. Never had them get the bank routing number and the account number reversed. The problem is always fixed on the second call.

    If I were you and somebody pulled a whole litany of goof ups like that, I would know one thing for sure and that is that they are far too stupid for me to be letting them fool with anything so sensitive as my credit ratings.

    They closed your account, then let it be so forever more.
    You don't need fools like that.
    That's just one of a multitude of reasons why it's m lot better to learn how to do it yourself.
  3. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Hmmm... "fanatically committed to being right on top of our clients' cases". And that's how it is now; I'm afraid to think how these things went before their Customer Service unit was "restructured", "overhauled" and "reinforced".

  4. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member


    Again, I will state that it's not up to you on how others do their credit repair. Obviously the poster hired Lexington for a reason. Maybe he doesn't have time, maybe he doesn't want to do it himself. Whatever the reason, just because of a paperwork mistake he doesn't have to fire them.

    May I suggest Junum if you don't either have time or patience to do it yourself. Yes some have had problems, but overall the feedback has been positive.

    Good luck to you,
  5. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    I must agree with you completely. If he does not have the time or desire to learn how to do it himself, then he should try Junum and see if he can't do better over there. But the whole point is that if one credit repair company can't eo any better than to come up with a comedy of errors like that, then he should try something else whatever that may be. And if he still don't want to do it himself, and Junum goofs up then he should go to IRC or that guy down in Florida that's supposed to have so many problems with the Feds or whomever he thinks he might find that will at least hopefully not make a bunch of mistakes.

    At least he found out how bad Lexington might possibly be before they had a chance to do him any real damage. He can at least be thankful for that.
  6. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Bill, please don't turn every complaint about Junum/Lex into a self-promoting ad. If you're not about to disclose your tactic in this forum, then it's nothing more than an unsolicited promotion. Some parts of it that you did disclose have turned out to be controversial at best.

  7. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen - "Anyone else had this much frustration with these people? - probably so". Another question satisfactorily answered by drivel. Good job Billie.

  8. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    hehe. Bill is back on ignore.
  9. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    How much of Junum's or Lexington's tactics do you see posted here by those who openly state that they work for those firms, yet blatently promote their companies as being so good?

    None that I have seen so far.

    At least I simply tell them that they might want to think about learning how to do it for themselves, and I don't really care how they learn what they would need to learn in order to get the job done. I had to learn it they hard way and it took me a very long time to do so. If I can do it, so can anybody else. It don't take a nuclear physicist or a lawyer to be able to learn how to do it. A few months at worst case and they can be just as expert at it as any of the best of them. There is more than enough information in this forum alone to put them an awful long ways down the path. Just takes time and effort like anything else that is worthwhile learning. If they want it for free, that's the way to get it for free. They don't have to pay anybody anything that way.
  10. Laray

    Laray Well-Known Member

    I dont have time to do this stuff my self. I have been through a lot of problems with Ameridebt....they screwed up a lot and wont admit....and the he is a she....I am a WOMAN
  11. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    I'm glad I am still dressed then :).

    Post a note to Jason here on this board asking him to help you out. He will help get things straightened out. He reads this board regularly for people having some problems with Lex.

    Everything will work out. Lex is not as bumbling as they seem I am sure it will be corrected. Subject -> Jason Help with Lexington.

    BTW There are those of us out here who use our time wisely and we have chosen Junum or Lex despite our intelligence (as some others would believe).

  12. jason

    jason Well-Known Member

    Sometimes, account and routing numbers are indistinguishable. I don't know why they screwed it up more than once, but, rest assured, they're taking a look at why right now.
  13. Laray

    Laray Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jason....Ray (I believe it was) called me at work yesterday and he straightened out the whole mess!

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