Using my CapOne visa card in E

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by V.H., Jun 26, 2000.

  1. V.H.

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    If I use my Visa card in Europe to pay for my hotel room what rate of exchange can I expect? Is there a standard rate and a magazine or index I can consult to know? And if I come back and see my statement and feel I have been gouged by the price can I dispute the bill? My credit card is issued by Capital One.
  2. Alex - Cre

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    RE: Using my CapOne visa card

    You will be charged acording to whatever the countries currency is exchanging for at the time of the transaction, there is no standard, the prices change daily, usually not significantly though, CNN has a real time currency exchange price list at:
    That might give you an idea.


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  3. Brian Haud

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    RE: Using my CapOne visa card

    I have been travelling internationally for 20 years now. The one thing that has never changed is that the exchange rate for credit cards is the same as the bank rate (nobody is making money on the exchange rate). Therefore, one should always use their card to guarantee the best rate of exchange. Period. (Please keep in mind that most credit cards charge exhorbitant rates for cash advances, though).
  4. V.H.

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    RE: Using my CapOne visa card

    Thank you for your confident reply. You have decided me and I will definitely be using my Visa card.

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