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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by godaddyo, May 1, 2001.

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    I wanted to let everyone know one of my favorite tactical solutions to getting utility collections off your report. First of all utilities such as power and phone companies have the worst recordkeeping of any creditors. Many do not require a signature for your use of the utilty. That leaves a nice opening for you to dispute any utiltly from lets say a past address that was never mailed to you and sent in for collection. If you have them validate the debt they cant and if they dont comply call the utility commision in your state. They are constantly making the utility companies comply with the law. They will make them prove it or get rid of it. I did it three times! I always forward all my correspondence with the collection department of the utility to the utility commision.

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    You can also file a formal complaint with your state's public service commission. They regulate the utility companies and unlike the FTC, they take action. Twice I have encountered billing errors with utilities (once electric, once phone) and the companies would not help. Both times I filed a complaint with the Florida PSC, and both times the matters were cleared up within a week. They react FAST. This was long before any collection efforts took place, but I would reccommend it for ANY problems with the utility companies. I filed my complaint online and got a call from a rep at the PSC the next day and they immediately contacted the utility company who called me to settle the matter.
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    This hasn't worked for me with a gas company nor has it worked with the phone co :

    Must be cause they controp the puco
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    I believe that they are the same thing in your state as the utility commision in many others.

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    Now THAT is obfuscation through abbreviation. LOL :)

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    C-ommission (of)
  7. lbrown59

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    WHAT I MENT to SAY Was

    It must be because the utilitiy companies control the

    Public Utilities Commission of Ohio :

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