Validation letter question?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Credithelp, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. Credithelp

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    I sent 2 validation letters cert. mail return requested to a collection agency and I have yet to recieve the green return slips. I sent one out back on March 19 and then another April 2. Im thinking that the collection agency isn't accepting them for some reason. I feel like hand delivering it myself! I know I have the correct mailing address. What can I do? What is my next step?
  2. Cadillac408

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    Re: Validation letter question

    Try sending via Fed/Ex. I doubt that they'll deny a Fed/Ex package. If you really want to be sneaky to make sure that they except the Fed/Ex package, instead of putting your name as the sender, put whoever they are collecting on behalf of as the sender. This way they'll think that they are important documents and not validation letters. Then when they open it up, SURPRISE!!!! Then you have your proof of delivery.

    Just play the same games they play on their prey. Why is it that they can almost go above and beyond the law to collect their so called debt but but yet it's hard for people to even send them any correspondance via mail? How fair is that?
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    Re: Validation letter question

    Since we are talking about validation letters Ive got a question of my own. Lets say I sent one to a collection agency and they send me back some validation. What does this have to include? Something signed by me or just a statement from the original creditor? Also do they validate with the original creditor at time of request or will they use stuff on file already? I have already paid a debt to the original creditor yet they still contact me and report to my credit report.

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    what about this

    What if you send a validation letter and they receive it and don't respond within the thirty days. What do you do then?

    What kind of validation letter can you send to the original creditor for a student loan (Citibank NA) not a sleazy collection agency? I want to send another one because the first one I sent 8 months ago was generic and weak. They responded and said that they loan was sold and they can't help with any info other than that. Any sample letters or can I use the validation letter but change a few things? Its only left on one report (Equifax) and its paid.
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    They can't have the letters without signing for them. If they don't sign, then they have to come back to you. Go to the post office. Fill out a form to investigate and trace where these letters went and why you never got either the letter back or the receipt.

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