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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tom65432, Sep 27, 2001.

  1. tom65432

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    I am drafting a validation letter to a collection agency and am basing it on the Lizardking validation letter. I have a letter from the creditor saying they have no record of me ever having done business with them and the report of a collection on my report was in error. I have spoken with the creditor and they said they destroyed all records from that time.

    The creditor and the CA have an ongoing relationship where the CA does hundreds of collections for this creditor so they have a close relationship. The CA are buttheads and the creditor people have very helpful. The creditor has spoken with the CA who is refusing to delete.

    Should I send the creditor letter to the CA with my validation letter or not? I think I should because it will show the CA they are in a corner and cannot lie their way out. Any imput is appreciated. This is over a $50 paid collection. The debt is not mine and I obviously never paid it. The CA claims to have copies of two checks they say I wrote to pay off the debt. I am asking for them in my validation letter.
  2. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    This is a slow day. I just wanted to bump my question to the top so it does not get lost.
  3. chelechele

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    I say yes.....If it were me, I would be kickin and screaming. That's just me. I had a Creditor negative that got deleted cause they have no idea who I am. I would say attach the letter that says that the orig. creditor has no idea who you are and make the collection agency validate it....Make them!!! You know they can', give them the chance to validate it and when they don't, tell them how many times they have violated your civil rights.....

    BUT REMEMBER....I am sure there is someone out there that knows better than I... :)
  4. chelechele

    chelechele Well-Known Member

    Then offer to sue them at a very high price...LOL :)
  5. LKH

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    I would do exactly as you said, but, just to make sure it gets done, I would also file a complaint with the banking dep't. in your state. They regulate ca's. Tell the ca if they don't delete it immediately, you will in addition to filing a complaint with banking dep't, file a small claims lawsuit also. I threatened that 2 times and it's been deleted both times. But, if it doesn't work, be prepared to follow thru.
  6. KristyW

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    In addition, the state attorney general's office/consumer protection agency (often the same office) would be VERY interested in what you have to tell them. As a whole, they have been very active bringing many of these scumbags to justice. They are very concerned with credit issues facing the consumer in general. One of them attended the credit scoring conference (I believe it was Pennsylvania's SAG, if I remember correctly).

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