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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by David, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. David

    David Well-Known Member

    ...just because the people here do understand (and no, I'll TRY not to mention anything about bankruptcy:)

    So here is where I sit (so to speak): Since starting my restoration process (and not even knowing my credit score NEEDED restoration until about three months ago), I've successfully removed (all on my own--clap clap) one CA from Equifax, two from Experian, and three from TransUnion; the ONLY CA remaining anywhere is a paid one for $76 from the hospital from 1996, of which I've tried to blast off the report with everything short of a stick of dynamite; alas, its still there.

    So in this three month process, I'm thinking "I guess I don't have enough revolving credit, and thus, not a balanced revolving ratio"...what to do? (I have only a Citibank VISA and a First USA--in the last 5 years, I've had two Cap Ones and a Providian--used 'em, closed 'em--and have since closed/paid off the First USA after they pissed me off).

    No department store cards; just don't really want one (or two, three, or four).

    So, I apply for the Cap One "Gold" card; got a $300 limit; closed it--who needs $300? Besides, ya call it a GOLD card? Pleeze.

    I then apply for an Associates--yay, ANOTHER $300 limit--didn't even call them--just shipped it back in two pieces, with a note attached saying "your limit is low, your APR is high--YOU sign the back of it".

    Then I go and apply for the "SMART" card (Providian)--should have known better I suppose--here's your $500 credit line and $49 annual fee, and high APR--do you accept or decline? I decline, thank you very much.

    Somewhere in there I applied for a Chase (reject) and a Fleet (reject).

    Then, out of desperation/boredom/curiosity/stupidity, I applied for Discover Platinum, AE Blue, and Household MasterCard--all online; haven't heard anything, but not expecting anything either.

    (Before I continue, it does sound like a lot of inquiries, but on average there are only 4 on each report--within the last six months).

    Last, but not least, there's Citibank Aadvantage. Had a thingy on my VISA statement: you're pre-approved for the World Gold MC, so I call, apply--the rep says 3-4 weeks, mail, blah blah.

    Not a good sign.

    So I call today to find out the "approval status"...."well, Mr. Hill, we did send a letter out dated June 5th that you were declined, and the reasons for your low score were the number of new accounts in the last 6 months (which is NONE, but thanks to ME turning THEM down--it doesn't appear that way on my reports I suppose--so there's ANOTHER thing to dispute), and you've had 60 and 90 day late payments on accounts....(I kinda zoned out at that point and really don't know what else she said).

    Yeah, the 60 and 90 day lates are from 1995 on student loans---SIX F*!!#N years ago!!

    Oh, and did I mention I've had your Citibank VISA (now Platinum) since 1986--when I WAS a student? Did ya look at the payment history on that one--huh, didya?

    Which, leads me back to yesterday, when I called the loan officer at Bank Of America, in the town I work, to tell her to re-run the credit score (since all reports are clean of CA nonsense) to refi the mortgage (which started this whole clean up process); alas, no call back yesterday--or today.

    And we all know what it means when you don't get called back; see ya.

    So, since October of 2000, I've gone from a score of 601 (give or take) to 630 (Marchish), to 668-670 (end of Mayish).

    And, thus far, it's meant hooey.

    Going on vacation to New Orleans in a little over a week--maybe that'll soothe the savage beast within.

    If not, a little Scotch and soda should do the trick.

    Just frustrated.

    David :)
  2. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Hey David - just do not apply for anything anywhere for 6 months.

    You'll get a couple of cards then with better terms.
    Keep working your current cards.
    Inquiries hurt, but really only for 6 months if you have 4-5 or more.

    It'll happen - c ya dogman
  3. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member


    I agree with Dogman. Just hold off for a while applying for credit. When you are ready to apply again, choose carefully. You are going to have some fine credit cards soon.
  4. Linda

    Linda Well-Known Member

    Hey, David, sounds like you've got every right to be frustrated. But - and pardon me for this - while I was reading your post I was also chuckling at the way you told your story. You may be frustrated but you haven't lost your sense of humor. As long as you've still got that then there's hope!

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