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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, Apr 17, 2001.

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    Now I have received my copy of credit report from Experian with their claim that they verified the information I disputed and it remains. They also said they updated an address, however the report still reads the same as before (it was listed as a non-residential address, which it isn't). They also ignored my inquiry disputes.

    So, now I am ready to fire back, but want to make sure I word it properly. How to proceed with wording on letter??
  2. Bill Bauer

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    Firing back

    Just ask them to provide you with the name, company address and company phone number of the person that they contacted to get the verification.

    tell them you will give them 5 business days to reply. Don't actually expect that you will get it that fast, but you can try to demand it anyway.

    See who they come up with, then go from there. Of course, if you just disputed it or just asked them to verify it, then you still aren't likely to come up with any useful information that you can fire back at them.

    It doesn't matter that you demand that they adhere to a higher standard of proof than the law requires them to adhere to, as long as they don't know the difference, you win the argument. What they don't know or don't understand isn't likely to hurt you. When you demand that they adhered to a higher standard, you are not usually dealing with experts, just salaried clerks who are extremely busy, and they don't have a lot of time to argue with you. As long as you go about it without coming off like you are going to sue them in the next 10 seconds over some silly argument, they will usually capitulate rather than fiddle with it. Saying that you might sue or they might have violated some law or other is not going to upset them very much. If you make a direct accusation or a direct threat, they are likely to take it to their internal higher authority who will likely just toss it in the trash unless you have a really solid argument. Suggesting they may be in the wrong is one thing, making actual threats is another matter entirely.

    Don't point the gun unless you are ready, willing and able to pull the trigger.

    Bill Bauer
    Bill Bauer
  3. steve

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    Re: Firing back

    I disagree will Bill Bauer about being a nice guy to the credit bureaus NOT once did Bill Bauer point out that the credit bureaus lie to the public everyday.

    The way I do it is get a copy of my credit reports and file in small claims court on the one's that reported it to the credit bureaus.

    File it as a Fraudulent account.
    When the other party don't show you will get the judgement.
    Stand up and say your honor the only way I can clear my name of this Fraudulent information under my SSN is for the record to reflect this so I can present it to the credit bureaus.The judge will always grant that when the other party don't show.

    I know Bill Bauer and the Tinlizzer will disagree with what I say.

    To the above anyone can file in small claims court.
    Tinlizzer and Bill Bauer if you have never file like what I have above then your input on this will not be Valid.

  4. Bill Bauer

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    I disagree with you???

    I disagree will Bill Bauer about being a nice guy to the credit bureaus NOT once did Bill Bauer point out that the credit bureaus lie to the public everyday.

    Why should I have to point that out? It's a well known and accepted fact of life. The great majority of people on this board do not have the word "STUPID" branded on their foreheads, now do they? Why should I insult their human intelligence????
    File it as a Fraudulent account When the other party don't show you will get the judgement.

    Quite true, but what are you doing (gonna do) when they do show up to defend? Just because they haven't done it yet does not mean that it won't or can't happen, because if you do it often enough, odds are someday somebody will show up. Best expect that it will happen and be prepared for it, that way you won't have any bad hair days.
    Sorry to disappoint you, but no, I don't disagree at all.

    I know Bill Bauer and the Tinlizzer will disagree with what I say.
    No, I've never filed like that, but I don't think that has any bearing on the the validity of this post, do you?

    Bill Bauer

  5. judyputy

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    I am fighting with Experian right now over a duplicate on my files and I have disputed 3 times now. I am on my 4th time. They are NEVER going to tell you how they verified it. Don't bother asking. I have tried. I have even asked for a letter from the original creditor and hopefully that will come soon so I can send it to Experian. I know what you are going through.

    Bill, your arguement that "just because something might possibly, in the future, have the potential to possibly happen" is a very limiting way of living life. Do you ever take a chance? I could walk outside and get hit by a star. It could happen. Just because it never has..."it could still posssibly, have the potential for one day possibly maybe happening". Wow, I would hate to live my life like that. Scared to leave the house and move.
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    Re: SM

    Judy!! You in Newport News, VA? I grew up their..Denbigh. I moved to Vegas Jan 99.... Small world... I hear it's cold there... Later...

  7. Bill Bauer

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    Is life like that?

    If life were like that and we choose to take each and every instance or possible occurance to the max, then, yes, it would be a horrible way to have to live one's life.

    But let me ask you an illustrative question. Would the normal person walk the city streets wearing tall rattlesnake proof boots and carrying a backpack full of anti-venom and other items relating to the treatment of snake bites? Would he also carry a long stick with a hook on the end of it and a gunny sack in which to put the snakes he might find on the city streets, or would he reserve that kind of gear for going on rattlesnake hunts?

    Normal people only take precautions against snake bite when they are in smake infested country and figuratively speaking, when you are dealing with credit bureaus, collection agencies and others of their ilk, one might well be justified in thinking of them and treating them as though they were some kind of venomous snakes, because that's at least a reasonably close description of them for all practical purposes, isn't it??

    Take everything you hear and see to their maxiimum extremes and you often come up with incorrect answers and conclusions.

    have a nice day, and may the wind always be at your back.

    Bill Bauer

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