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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Madelyn, Sep 4, 2000.

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    I won't bore you all with my long tale of woe with GMAC. To make a long story short, I had posted on here to find out what a creditor needs to "verify" disputed information. Kristi and others posted that a creditor, to very late payments, must be able to provide the dates of the late payments , i.e., a payment history. Well here's my question...I've looked and looked for the answer, is this stated anywhere explicitly in the FCRA? Or have there been any policy letters or cases where this was said? I'd really appreciate your help if you can guide me in the right direction.
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    RE: Verifying Disputed Informa

    Have you ever found any contact information for GMAC? I'm helping someone with her credit reports, and GMAC has not updated her credit reports in three years. The customer service reps. have been our only contacts, and they can't tell us how to deal with it or whom to contact. All they have told us is to send them (the reps) copies of the credit reports.

    I'm sure one of the best way to correct the reported information would be to dispute it through the CRAs, but there's one slight problem. Early in 1997, her vehicle was repossessed. Within a few days, she came up with the money needed to redeem it. For some time, it showed up on her credit reports as a "redeemed repossession" with the last payment date listed as 1997.

    Although the account is still open, and her payments have been strictly current every month since the repo., one of her reports shows the account as being closed since 1997, and the other two show the date of last activity as 1997. After our first call to one of the reps, some of the information did change on her Equifax report. The redeemed repossession status was no longer there, and it showed her as having a 90-day late pay--an I-3. The other reports didn't change. We're afraid that disputing te information to the CRAs will cause the "redeemed repo" status to return.

    A year ago, she retained Lexington Law Firm to help her with this mess, but they only disputed other items, and they'll have nothing to do with her other than taking money from her bank account every month. She's emailed them over 25 times, asking how to handle this matter, and they've not answered a single one of the emails. I am in the process of helping her draft a complaint to the Better Business Bureau of Salt Lake City.

    Does anyone know how we can handle the situation with GMAC? I'm stumped, and I'm quite apprehensive about rocking the boat with the CRAs on this messy situation.
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    RE: Verifying Disputed Informa

    I too am having problems with GMAC and am having a hard time finding a good mailing address. My last letter came back "Forwarding order expired". The address I tried was PO BOX 24002, OK CITY,OK 73124
    ANybody have a good mailing address for GMAC?
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    I got te same response to a letter we sent to a Houston P.O. Box. Anyone with any ideas? I'm sure all of us who have such problems with GMAC are at wits end. They seem to have a secret operation going.

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