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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cathy, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. Cathy

    Cathy Well-Known Member

    Aparently this is not a good week for me (see my post on Shell Mastercard). Has anyone else had trouble with verizon posting payments? My pager company was formerly airtouch and when it merged it became verizon. About a month ago I got my regular pager bill. Not trusting the mail in it's current state to get my check there on time I called the automated system and made my payment with my visa checkcard. The money cleared my account two days later and as proof I still have my bank statement. Somehow this has escaped Verizon's bookkeeping system because I now have a 30 day late notice. I have called them twice and have faxed them my bank statement and it's now "being investigated." Has anyone else had this issue with them, and can anyone tell me what the next step is if the investigation is not resolved in a timely fashion? Thank You
  2. leo728

    leo728 Well-Known Member

    It should not take them long to resolve the issue. As long as you have proof of the payment , your o.k.
  3. amaineman

    amaineman Well-Known Member

    I have had great customer service from verizon. I monitor our account online.

    I call and pay over the phone, no problems, posts within a day. Also I have asked and received credit for problems with poor reception, equipment ect. on our wireless phone account.

    We had a phone go bad on the 11th month, they replaced it and credited 1 months service.

    Every time a better rate is issued we sign a new contract for more minutes and lower costs.

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