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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dtembe, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. dtembe

    dtembe Active Member

    I am not sure if this link has been posted on this site before, but I found a really good creditor and Collection Agency list online at the First American Credco site.
    Here is the link:

    I do not work for Credco nor am I trying to sell something from their site. I came across this link since my Mtg. Broker used FA Credco to pull my tri-merged report from them.
  2. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Interesting link for Creditor/CA address & phone info. Thanks.

    -Peace, Dave
  3. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member

    Very helpful site. I have been trying to find the street address for FUSA. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    I did not notice the link to the CRA on the left side. (Subscriber #)

    I am really trying to figure out how to use this information (its vast and no limit per page is no help :)

    But if I click on the subscriber links, I can see if a particular collector/creditor has an account to access or report to a particular CRA (If I am reading this site correctly).

    Anyone else help me figure it out?

    -Peace, Dave
  5. CASPER72

    CASPER72 Well-Known Member

    Cool Site Thanks for the link

  6. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Thanks! great link!

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