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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tina, Jul 26, 2000.

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    i am befuddled as to what exactly to do with my aria card. this is my first credit card -was very nieve...when i opened this acct they said that it would be ready to use in 7 business days-it wasn't halfway through my vacation it finally became available to me on the way home. bill arrives here on the 20th or so of the month, payment was apparently due on the 11th(slapped with 30$ charge)charged 80$ right off the bat for annual fees (slapped with another charge for being over drawn when i got home -thought i was so carefull not to go over..grrr ok my fault- didn't read the fine print well enough now my minimum pyment of 15$ has turned into 150ish $ ...
    my delema is i pay this card totally off and buy what the rep said about my credit being available to me in 2 days (using my food money)or don't get get burned again by them and find a card to replace it somehow make my minimum pymnt and live out the month on the 100$ i have left over...
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    My experience with Providian is 10-15 days for a payment to post (which would make your credit available to you)

    If you do a money-gram payment (which I did once) - the payment posts the next day. (Of course it'll cost you 15 bucks for the moneygram)

    Since this is your first credit card, I assume you have little or no credit history. And you probably have no late payments or collections on your credit report. I would suggest:

    Pay the Aria card off as quickly as you can. Keep it open for two more months and pay whatever fees come on the bill. (There will probably be another 5 bucks on the next two bills for finance charges or whatever). Call to close the account.

    Your new credit history will help you get other credit cards from more reputable firms. Hold off until you get a Citibank card or American Express. The damage that the "Providians" of this world will do to your credit are not worth it.

    (I am reluctantly a Providian customer now, and have for the most part escaped from the perils that many other customers have endured. I recommend closing your account because:
    1. Their fees are astronomical compared to other cards that you probably qualify for.
    2. Their customer service will not be forgiving when problems arise - regardless of who's fault it is.
    3. Their reputation is one of a Predatory Creditor. They market to people with bad or no credit and treat them in a manner that good credit customers would not put up with - including oversized fees, poor customer service, charging for credit increases, etc.)
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    I would suggest doing a pay by phone. This will be credited to your account within two business days. There may be a fee for this payment method, but at least you don't have to worry about it getting there late. You might also want to check with your bank to see if they have bill pay where your payments are automatically deducted from your checking account in increments you select. Some banks have this service free of charge, some are available online through your banks website. Good Luck.

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