Visa "Infinite" card?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveLV, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. DaveLV

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    I was looking on the Visa website at the Signature card benefits and was interested in their reservation service. Interestingly, it mentions this is a benefit for Signature and "Infinite" cardholders.

    Secure online reservations for tables at popular area restaurantsâ??without paying a fee. It's quick, convenient, and only for Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cardholders. Compliments of Visa and DinnerBroker.
    Serving Up Prime-Time Tables
    Reserve a last-minute table or plan ahead for a special evening. Either way, Visa and DinnerBroker make it easy. You choose the location, size of your dinner party, and date of your reservation. Then DinnerBroker provides a list of participating restaurants and available times. Simply make a selection and you're set.

    Use your Visa Signature or Infinite Card to receive this premium service at no charge.


    Convenient, peak-demand access to the best local restaurants
    Excellent tables allocated exclusively to DinnerBroker
    Reservation guaranteed
    No fee or service charge for this reservation service


    Has anyone ever heard of this card?
  2. jonesing

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    The sky is the limit with a new VISA card designed for the well heeled. National City Corp's Private Client Group will introduce the VISA Infinite card in mid-Oct. The VISA Infinite card, originally announced by VISA in Oct 1998, features no preset spending limit, a $20,000 minimum credit limit, a customized reward system and a premium concierge service. National City's Private Client Group VISA Infinite card allows its customers to carry a revolving balance and to choose the type of reward they prefer, for example air miles, cash back, selected merchandise, or travel. Purchases are approved based on factors such as personal resources, account history, credit and payment records. The card is available to National City Corp's Private Client Group and Sterling customers and carries a $150 annual fee. The VISA Infinite concierge service provides assistance with restaurant reservations, gift arrangements, travel information, referrals, business services, and specialty services. The card also offers security features such as travel emergency assistance, travel evacuation coverage and purchase protection. In unveiling the card in 1998, VISA said the card would be targeted at technologically savvy affluent international travelers. For more information visit

    So I think the saying applies: <begin snotty French sommelier accent> "Sir, if you have to can't afford it."
  3. steve

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    The Visa Signature and Infinite cards are supposed to be "premium" cards that are higher than the platinum cards, similar to the Amex Centurion card. The Centurion (black) card is higher than the Amex Platinum and offers much more benefits than the Signature and Infinite cards. Some benefits of the Signature card include guaranteed airport parking, DinnerBroker Reservation and premium concierge services, and car rental and hotel upgrades.

    The Infinite card includes a one time complimentary companion airline ticket and some other unique benefits.
  4. marci

    marci New Member


    I went to and looked around. So what do I do when I need to make a reservation?

    Do I just do it at the above website and type in my signature card number after I've made my selection? Or do I need to call Visa concierge and have them do it?
  5. steve

    steve New Member

    I think you can make the reservation online without calling the Visa concierge service.

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