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    Has anyone applied for a card through this website? If so, who was the card issued through and what were the terms? Thanks
  2. TY

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    looks like another Lending tree to me
  3. Larry Smyt

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    Warning â?? we have a new free credit card program out there. Despite the fact that they donâ??t charge up front, there are some definite problems. They pulled their public forum after I posted last night. The major string dealt with persons who had questions about the program. The problems of typical of most of the programs beginning with CDI/Driver Seat network (it looks a lot like CDI in some ways):

    1. They offer Visa cards â?? â??freeâ? Visa cards â?? but canâ??t tell you who the bank or banks are. This is a direct violation of both federal regs and Visa regs.
    2. They will not answer any pointed questions and remove any attempt to list their address. Someone had again posted this information last night. Again â??they pulled their forum sometime last night
    Donâ??t want the True Believers to get any facts

    Their domain name is registered to, Inc
    13835 SW Twelve Oaks Ct.
    Tigard, OR 97224
    (503) 590-2656

    From some research on the web the address appears to be a residence and the phone number is linked to a Don Ashlock (the founder). The State of organ is installing a new computer so their business search function is not available.

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