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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Reshod, Oct 28, 2000.

  1. Reshod

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    Has anyone had any problems with VoiceStream, such as overcharging? Is anyone considering a class action suit on Voice Stream at this time? I had an account with VoiceStream from March 1999, in which I purchased my own phone and signed up for the 19.95 a month with the non-annual contract option. A few months later, i had some problems with Voice Stream overcharging me, so I called the rep and they credited my account over $150. The next billing cycle the same situation happened and I decided to close the account. Yesterday I received a letter from a collection in agency from California(i reside in Texas), stating that the amount due was $351. I can not figure out how a 19.95 a month plan has been elevated to this unsurmountable amount for a cell phone. What should I do? I spoke to a local voice stream rep, who told me that they charged my a $200 cancellation fee. But this is impossible, I never had the annual contract.
    Anyone please help, this is really affecting my credit status!

  2. Doris K.

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    I use VoiceStream, but I've never encountered any problems with them. My plan costs the same as yours, but I rarely use any of my allotted minutes every month.

    Don't depend on anything you hear from a local representative. They are only there to S-E-L-L and to sell you as much garbage as they possibly can. Go to the website and email them to find out a specific person you can talk to who can help you solve this problem. Just any run-of-the-mill customer service representative in the phone bank probably can't help you here because you'd probably get as many answers as there are reps.

    In your email, tell them you want the name of a specific person and his/her phone and extension number, that you can reach every time you call.
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    My sister has the same plan and she has had no problems.

  4. John Debto

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    No problems here with Voicestream other than their limited coverage area.

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