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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mark, Jun 21, 2000.

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    Hello All...

    My story in a quick nutshell...I lost my job about 4 years ago, and have since returned to school to get an advanced degree. It will take me about 3 more years to complete my degree, and I am living off student loans, scholarships and seasonal summer jobs. I have no house, a car payment and 4 unsecured credit cards. 3 of the credit cards have such small minumum payments that I can keep up with them with no problem. Wachocia has been a big problem...my account with them totally approx. $4900 was suppossed to have charged off a week ago. I explained that i had about $1300. that I could scrape together as a payment, but they said hit the road. Do you think they will sue? Should I do anything? I want to get this account settled. If it goes to a collector and/or legal action, do you think they wil accept the 1300-1500 dollars that I can scrape together to pay them? Also, even though i sent them a letter and told them not to contact me except via the mail they still occasionally called..i have documeted these times. ANy advice or suggestions?
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    Yes. Go to the Carreon and Associates website at www.carreonandassociates.com. While you're there, STUDY. You'll find some good, practical advice on dealing with such situations. I wish you the best.

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