Wage Garnishment

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by magic-magi, Nov 6, 2000.

  1. magic-magi

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    What are the steps you go thro, or a cridetor has to go thro to get yr wages garnished, and time fram does that happen ...
    and how can they find you , if you change jobs ..
  2. BLE103

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    If you have unsecured credit then your chances of getting your checks garnished is slim as compared like a dept. store card where thats a different story.These kinds of cards are secured altough they don't ask for collateral up-front.They have it in your C.C. agreement where they retain security interest until paid in full.If you would default on these kind of cards then they can get a judgement against you,and have a court order to garnish your wages.Now as far with any unsecured cards then they need to get a judgement also but your chances of that happen are next to none because they can't afford to go after everyone it is to costly for them.Hope this helps answer your question.Also if you would get your wages garnished there is a limit of 25% of your income.

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