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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by molly, Jan 26, 2001.

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    I just got off the phone with Equifax and I am so PI$$ED off. As you may of read a little bit further down about the runaround Equifax is giving credithelp71, I too am having the same problem. Now get this-on Jan 13th I send in a dispute for one item. It's a Citibank Student Loan. I disputed it once before on Trans and it came back verified so I wrote Citibank and asked them to provide me with all dates of them loan. They wrote back and said they are unable to help me because the loan was sold to ED Fund (who later rehabed my loan). Basically, they can't verify the info. they are reporting (plain and simple). I sent in the letter along with a dispute to Trans and it was removed without a problem. But with Equifax-oh!!! So here the funny part-I have been using the conf. # off my last report online (eqifax), to see if an investigation was started. IT WASN"T. Now that I spoke with a rep. she started one again for me because she said that Equifax doesn't take written documentation (too easy to tweek).So I went online to check and one had been started. THey are so full of it, I can't believe they said they started onE BEFORE. I wasn't even two weeks since they received it. My green card says it was received on JANUARY 16TH. I guess it's time to bust out the nasty language and highlighter (that is if it's verified AGAIN.
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    RE: WAIT A MINUTE-Equifax bull

    Send a letter to this address:

    Citibank Credit Bureau Disputes
    P.O. Box 6241
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6241

    Enclose the letter where they say they have no record of it. Explain what happened so far, and tell them they have 30 days to remove it from EFX or face litigation.

    Also enclose you EFX credit report (Sure, by law you don't have to, it's their responsibility, yada yada yada, but you do want results don't you).

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    Let me make sure I get it...

    I have several things I am currently getting ready to dispute with Equifax. Lots of cc's that are closed on every report BUT theirs. I was going to send them all the "we have closed your account, you have a $0 balance" letters I got from the companies that I sent to Experian. What you are saying is that they won't take them? Right? I am just trying to wrap my brain around that absurd notion.

    They have my old mortgage listed as open that I sold 2 years ago. I have all the paper work from the company releasing me. I guess I better send letters instead to all the cc's and mortgage company requesting they remove it from Equifax instead and give them 30 days.

    Geez, bull**** is right!

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    RE: Let me make sure I get it.

    I would dispute the accounts online. I did that with one item and it was updated in about 6 days. But, it shows the balance it was before I closed it ($101). I am going to wait and see what it lists on my updated report. I would only recommend this if the balance is listed as zero but open.

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