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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by greyfox, Nov 8, 2001.

  1. greyfox

    greyfox Well-Known Member

    I use Privista for my Equifax, and you may remember some time ago I posted regarding my inability to dispute items on my Privista report.

    Well, Privista was of no assistance in the matter, so......I remembered seeing an address posted on this very board, and decided it was worth a 34 cent stamp to see if I could dispute without paying Equifax for a report.

    I got the results today....it was treated just like any other dispute, and an updated report was enclosed. I didn't get much satisfaction, since absolutely nothing changed due to my dispute, but at least I wasn't out the money for the report.

    Here is the address again:
    Equifax Office of Consumer Advocate
    P.O. Box 105139
    Atlanta, GA 30348

    QUEEN_BEE Well-Known Member

    So, you disputed something that you saw on an old report? Or you were you just notified that the disputed item was on there?
  3. greyfox

    greyfox Well-Known Member

    My weekly Privista report has account details in it, along with a score. It tells you the reasons your score is down.
  4. phylisrn

    phylisrn Well-Known Member

    Re:privista score

    I ordered Privista online. How do I get my score? it says my score is 99 which I don't think is right! Where is the score part located?
  5. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Re: Re:privista score

    That's it! It's a 1-100 score. Not the real FICO score - you have to get that from Equifax, and pay for it. No freebies.
  6. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Re: Re:privista score

    Phyllis, my guess is that your real FICO score is well above 700. The Privista score doesn't discriminate very well at the high end of their 1-100 scale. In other words, all the scores above 700 are squished together at 99. This is the opposite of the WorthKnowing.com scale for Trans Union scores, whose scores don't discriminate very well at the low end, i.e., anything under 650 squishes together at a 5.

  7. romanduv

    romanduv Well-Known Member

    Re: Re:privista score

    I had 7 month's worth of credit history, and privista gave me a 98 score (score power was around 702). They're a joke, I cancelled that very day.


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