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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by rhondak, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. rhondak

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    I sent a validation letter to a creditor that was reporting to one of the CRA's. They have not yet responded, but I got a collection letter from an agency for the creditor that I've never heard of before right after (now that they have an address to send it to)

    The debt is not past SOL. It was a voluntary surrender of a car by my fiance's ex-wife - he's listed as joint.

    Now, I need to send a new validation letter to the CA, right?

    So far, they are not reporting to the CRAs.

    But I had another OC that turned over to a CA and they immediately added another derog to my fiance's report - now it shows the debt TWICE, once from the OC and once from the CA but the CA actually doubled the "amount due" by adding fees and all that.

    When I tried to re-dispute with the CRA, they "verified". (By the way, that one is past the SOL, so I'm not worried about the collection, just getting it off the dang report)

  2. tmitchell

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    Validation letters do not go to original creditor, they go to the CA...
  3. rhondak

    rhondak Well-Known Member

    I read that after I had already sent out the first letters. (that was before I found this site)

    Maybe I'm just dense, but what are you supposed to do with OC?

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