WARNING: Lexington are CROOKS!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by metallicat, Jun 12, 2001.

  1. metallicat

    metallicat Well-Known Member

    I signed up for lexington several weeks ago, after hearing very positive things about them. I spoke to them at length about what they could do for me and after thinking about it for a long while, I decided to sign up for a complete retainer online. Since that time I have contacted several creditors who are willing to change any negative tradelines into positive tradelines in return for payment- leaving me to deal with my student loan tradelines. Time to cancel lexington. Easy enough, right?

    Wrong. My pay date for 300$ is today the 12th. Per their request I fedex'ed a letter stating that I decided to opt-out of their services within their 3 business day period from signing up. I also made several phone calls to their main 800 (800-653-9529) and was told to call a different ph#, 800-341-8441 extension 201. Note that this happened THE DAY AFTER I SIGNED UP! I was assured by the folks at the 341-8441 # that I would not be billed the 300$ fee, the person I spoke to GUARANTEED ME that i would not be billed. Guess what? I call my bank today and I was billed 300$. Not only that, I call the 341-8441 # again today and get a totally different story- since I signed up for a complete retainer That I would have to speak directly to Lexington. Which IS NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD IN TWO PREVIOUS PHONE CONVERSATIONS! I'm trying desperately to call them now, And I just get a busy signal. Have been for two hours or so. I'm so friggin angry right now I can't see straight, and i'll have to wait 1 week or so to get credit on my account, I suspect. Thats IF the numbskulls at lexington can figure out how to do it! You'd think that 10 phone conversations and 1 letter would be sufficient for Lexington to figure out that I did not want to use their services, but No. Never again.

    Moral of the story: DO NOT USE LEXINGTON!
  2. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry you're having problems. Granted, I'm not on the complete retainer program but I've never had any problem with them. They're doing what they said they'd do for me.

    I hope you're able to get this straightened out today.
  3. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Don't jump the gun...sounds like a fixable and mostly clerical error. Post a note to Jason here, he will personally help you with the problems you have, or tell you who at Lex can get the charge reversed. Did you pay by CC? If so, call the card company and tell them you are disputing the charge with Lexington and they will not charge you for it pending investigation - & charge it back to Lex.

    I don't think this makes them crooks as much as you getting caught up in a bit of work to stop the signup process and get the refund. They are not trying to steal your $$$ like you may feel right now.

  4. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Well, everyone in these parts knows full well that I advocate never to use a credit repair firm to do what you can do for yourself, so that in itself should prove that I'm not saying what I am going to say because I want to defend them.

    However, let's look at some facts of life and not turn to emotions in this particular situation. After all, they are a law firm which should meant that the owners are attorney(s) themselves or quite possibly have attorneys in house at all times. I'd bet on the former rather than the latter even though I have no idea which is right.

    No practicing attorney in his right mind is going to deliberately cheat the public. Figuratively speaking, he would not stay in business 10 minutes if he did. So I think we can safely assume that neither the company itself nor it's employees have any intention of beating you out of your money.

    I'd guess that the problem stems from employee ineptitude or other human error factor, not a desire or intent to cheat or defraud.

    That don't mean you should not be angry and stay angry until you get your satisfaction.

    Lots of luck.
  5. metallicat

    metallicat Well-Known Member

    What can I say, I was very angry when I made the original post...after all, One has a right to be angry when they're promised something and it doesn't happen.

    They're supposedly going to refund the amount tomorrow...we'll see if they follow through this time
  6. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Well, let me tell you something! I've done the very same thing time and time again. I've gotten all bent out of shape over something and said and did things I regretted later.

    So don't feel bad about it. We are all human, and we all make mistakes.

    The measure of a man is when he knows in his own heart that he was wrong does he then have what it takes to stand up and admit he was wrong, even to himself, take whatever "medicine" he has coming (if any) and then go on and try to do better next time.

    I think you have just proven what kind of a man you are.
    Hat's off, SIR!
  7. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Well, I understand you being upset.

    I signed up for Johnson and Johnson because I wanted help with my credit repair but instead I got Lexington (Johnson hands off clients... or does mktg for them)

    Anyway, I was NOT happy. I felt as though I'd gotten the old bait and switch.

    At the time, I'd just started researching credit repair. I found this board the same day I signed up. By the second day, I decided to try some repair on my own before hiring someone... so I called to cancel, faxed the letter, AND sent it certified rrr.

    I was told I would be on a billing cycle where my card wouldn't be charged for almost a month... so no big deal, I would be pulled from their system

    Low and behold, the next month my statement arrived and there was a whopping charge from Lexington. Another call, fax, letter and still nothing changed.

    Then I finally talked with an "atty", who told me that even though the contract has a 3 day right to cancel yadda yadda yadda.. they'd already entered my info into the computer on the first day... and since THEY somehow didn't put my cancelation into the computer they'd already (at week 2 or so) sent letters to the bureaus for me.

    Now this infuriated me because I'd already sent my own disputes into the bureau and I didn't want conflicting disputes... but this guy had the unmitigated gall to try and pressure some fees out of me for the "work" they'd done because they didn't bother to cancel me out of their system (he admitted they did realize I'd not only faxed and called in time but that my account's rep knew I had cancelled)... anyway.

    I didn't cave and I requested my money back. They wouldn't refund onto my card but instead Mailed me a check. So some 2 months after I cancelled, I got my money back.

    I was furious and whereas I might have hired them at a later time, now I would never deal with them. They're not organized enough for me.

    Now, here's the real kicker. Their disputes did actually make it to the bureaus (and they disputed items that I hadn't) but 2 of their disputes got kicked back to me with letters to the effect of "we don't understand what you want" from not 1 but 2 CRAs.

    Wow, that would've been a waste of my money. I know some of you have had good luck with them, but my experience was horrible and I would NEVER trust them with something as important as my credit.

    It was an interesting experience to say the least.

    As a footnote, I was able in 7 months to get all but the bk public entries and a student loan issue off my reports. I know I got at least 30 negatives and / or errors off my reports.

    All by myself. :) I agree that if you have a bit of time and the constitution for it, it's better to do it all yourself. It's not rocket science, it's persistence.
  8. Donna

    Donna Well-Known Member

    I too have had a negative experience with Lexington and would never recommend their service to anyone.

    Since I've posted my Lex story here previously...a year or so back...I won't recap all of the details. In essence, though, after seven months of their alleged service, there were no deletions and I never heard word one from any of the bureaus. Additionally, communicating with the case analysts was slow and frustrating. However, to Lexington's credit, I understand that they have improved their Email response time.

    Generally, I try to refrain from comment when the Lexington complaints are posted but this time I couldn't hold my tongue.

  9. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Do you think that there may be far, far more complaints and unhappy people out there evesdropping, "lurking" if you will who have been badly bitten by these companies, but who never say a word about it???

    We are in what is often called a "virtual" world here as opposed to the "real" world. In other words, some seem to think we are in some "world" of our own here on the internet. Using the above as a definiton of sorts so as not to create a confusion, do you think it possible that there may be a fairly large population of people in the "real" world that have also been bitten but that we don't hear about because they either can't or won't communicate with us here?

    I'm supposing that you have no real idea (nor do I) just how extensively these companies advertise in the "real" world, but from my own experiences, I pick up a few customers here in the "virtual" world but by far the greatest numbers come from ads in papers, radio and TV as well as word of mouth.
    I get a huge amount of word of mouth customers because (for instance) Harry has a problem with his credit, he likes my suggestions and their results, and he tells Mazie, who tells >>>>>>>>>>

    But the credit repair companies do a lot of advertising too.
    Some of them spend a lot of money on advertising, so they get a lot of customers. If we look at what we see here, there are relatively few who are unhappy, but what about out there in the "real" world? Do you think that there could be a lot of people out there that have been bitten? Seems to me that if there are a few here, there exists the possibility that the "bitten" could number in the thousands out there in the "real" world. What do you think? Do you think the problem may be much, much greater than we here realize?
  10. ledo

    ledo Well-Known Member

    i don't work for lexington, however i am a client and they have been pretty good so far. for a while i was a lurker but now i am posting as time would allow me. bauer, i believe your statement is incorrect regarding lurkers and negative experiences. the rule is when people don't like something, people generally complain and take action. after all how would we know about scam credit card companies such as creditcorp if people didn't say anything about it. if people are happy with a product/service then people generally don't say anything after all the expectations are being met. my two cents.
  11. jason

    jason Well-Known Member

    Relax A Little


    Take it easy. All the phones here have been blown out be a huge storm.

    Lex ALWAYS honors their refund policies and their phone system is never down (unless the Salt Lake valley is down with them.)

    I personally guaranty that you'll get your refund. Please be so kind as to report that fact here.

  12. c5kirk

    c5kirk Well-Known Member

    Re: Relax A Little

    As a former Lex client I just want to add my $.02 worth. I'm sorry to hear of the negative experiences people have had with them but personally I thought they were great. I used them for ~7 months and in that time they managed to get a total of 23 derogs removed from my 3 reports. Granted, I probably could have gotten them removed myself, but for the amount of time it would have taken I feel that using Lexington was a bargain. I no longer use them but now have them working on my wifes reports. They just started on hers but I have no reason to doubt that her experience will be as good as mine.

  13. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Re: Relax A Little

    My record as a Lexington client: In less than 3 months (joined in late March), 11 derogs have been removed. They've always been responsive to me. There was one clerical mistake made -- my paralegal noted an additional derog had been deleted when it had not been. I called, and she corrected that quickly.

  14. metallicat

    metallicat Well-Known Member

    Re: Relax A Little

    Jason: I apologize for the harsh post....But i'm sure you understand that as a consumer, when mistakes happen it is extremely frustrating. I know that nobody is perfect, but I was guaranteed several times from different people that It was "no problem" and I would not be billed. Anyways, I'll be sure to update here when my situation is corrected.

    My apologies again
  15. AmyD

    AmyD New Member


    I work with Lexington Law Firm. I am concerned about what you've experienced so far with their service. I am anxious to speak with you further regarding your concerns in order to make things right. Please contact me at (800) 653-9529 x215 MST at your earliest convenience. I'm confident I can assist you in getting your refund.

  16. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member


    Please let us know when you get this resolved!


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