warning!: NextCard fraudulent

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Laurie Win, Aug 9, 2000.

  1. Laurie Win

    Laurie Win Guest

    I applied for the NextCard online (see ads blanketing the 'net right now) and received the card yesterday. Turns out they approved me for an account I did not apply for. Nowhere on the virtual application did it make clear which account I had been approved for! Of course, the account approved ("Horizon") was not the one applied for ("Plus") and had much higher interest rates. Watch out!
  2. Stormie

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    RE: warning!: NextCard fraudul

    I did see those adds and had read the terms and conditions, and at the bottom in tiny print it said you will first be considered for the card in which applied if unable to approve you for desired account, we will consider your application for our other cards. Not exact wording but that was the jist of it. Did you call them and inquire about it yet ? Nextcard has a really good rep, I know alot of people who have them. It's worth a phone call. Let us know what they say.
  3. Hubert X

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    My Standards are Lower

    NextCard turned me down cold. I'll take the Horizon because my standards (for interest rates) are lower than yours.
  4. Michael

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    always good service from Next

    I am shaking my head that you can call this good institution a fraud when they are quite the opposite.

    Look at it this way. Next Card gave you a card, other institutions will just turn you down outright!, If you don't want the card then return it, but don't bad mouth Next Card because you have less that perfect credit.

    Everyone must remember the better your credit, the less of a risk you are, and the less of an interest rate you will pay!

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