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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by author_22, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. author_22

    author_22 Well-Known Member

    I wrote a dispute letter to Discover for a year old inquiry. They called my brother today (he recently opened an account with them and had planned to later add me on it, now is unsure if he should) to discuss my letter with them. (did not even ask for me!) They asked if we were related and if I applied for credit with them. They also told him they are not allowed to remove inquiries, as Equifax will not let them. He told them he didn't think I applied for anything and to send me a letter or call me.

    Was this legal? It makes me mad that they hassled my brother, as a cardholder of theirs, about something totally unrelated to his account.

  2. chelechele

    chelechele Well-Known Member

    Don't quote me, but that seems to be a major violation of your civil rights..Document time/dates file a complaint to the atty general, BBB anyone els have any ideas??
  3. Lionel

    Lionel Well-Known Member


    This sounds fishy. How would Discover, with the thousands of requests they receive daily, make the connection between you and your brother? There seems to be a gap in logic here that's a little odd...

    There is no way they could call him up and ask about you, unless you had an account that was about to go into collection and he was listed as a reference or relative (I haven't seen a Discover app, so i don't know if they ask for that). But form the info you gave, either something was left out of that story or Discover was waaaaay over the line. Or both.
  4. chelechele

    chelechele Well-Known Member

    I believe you may be on to something.....
  5. author_22

    author_22 Well-Known Member

    Well, nothing was left out - I was sitting right in the room. They told him they couldn't find anything in their system under my name, so they tried the address and his name popped up, so they assumed we were related. What that has to do with anything I do not know. It happened just like I said, I didn't twist the story if that's the insinuation...

  6. Lionel

    Lionel Well-Known Member

    You didn't twist the story -- but you did leave something out: now explained why they called him and asked about you.

    In any event, if that's the story, they should not be able to just call him up and ask him about you and your accounts...there's simply no reason to do so unless he was listed as an authorized signer on your app or something, and even that's stretching it.

    The only excuse they would be able to counter with would be because you are in the same household, but there's got to be more to it than that.

    Didn't mean to imply that you were twisting, but sometimes things that are clear to a poster don't come across to everyone else. just the facts, ma'am.
  7. author_22

    author_22 Well-Known Member

    OK, I'm sorry. :)

    I still don't see the relevance of me and him being related...perhaps they thought since he's a customer that maybe he'd be upfront with them, who knows?

    All I know is this is the second inquiry dispute (the other was with First Union) that has resulted in phone calls to my house.

    I disputed a library fine and they also called my house.

    I am growing tired of all the phone calls, as I prefer evidence in writing and truthfully, don't like me or my family dealing with such calls.

    I just don't know what to do now except wait for something to come in the mail....

  8. Lionel

    Lionel Well-Known Member

    by the way, what's going on with the library dispute?
  9. author_22

    author_22 Well-Known Member


    I cannot talk to a supervisor, the collection agency told me to deal with the library and not them, and no one will prove that I owe the debt.

    I would pay it but cannot get any kind of cooperation and very clearly they intend to validate this debt to the credit bureaus.

    I don't know what to do...with the library's attitude, if I paid it they might say I never did anyway....

    I thought about paying it then disputing it in a few months as never late but they probably would still be royal pains in the arse.

    I am intending to seek free legal counsel from a lawyer friend of mine, though I hate to use his services for something so pathetic seeming.

  10. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    They also told him they
    are not allowed to remove inquiries, as Equifax will not let them.
    PREVIOUS STATEMENT FROM CRA'S..."We only print what the credit card companies tell us to print".


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