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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by FoolEugene, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. FoolEugene

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    I hate to burst your bubble, LK and some others. It was my bubble, as well, because it seemed to answer a lot of questions I had.. .

    I just found on the same part of that FTC web site a thingy called "Transcript of Public Forum" (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/creditscoring/creditscorexscript.pdf) - it is an actual explanation of the slides, including the one LK posted. Slide 8 explanation begins in the last paragraph on page 17. I quote: "This is a sample - and let me stress a sample - of what a credit - the guts of a credit scoring system, the credit scorecard itself, might look like. It is not an actual credit scoring scorecard, so don't go home and try to score yourself on this and get into major tiz about your score".

    So, that totally explains why some things do not make sense. And if some don't, I do not recommend relying too much on any of them.

    After that paragraph, the speaker talks about the scorecard, like, what the red jagged line means, or what "NI" stands for, but very little does he say about the factors affecting the score.

    Even though the slides and the transcript looses a lot of glamour, I still think it is very interesting and educating, at least the part Iâ??ve read so far.
  2. Bill Bauer

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    Lizzie's bubble

    Don't feel bad about busting Lizzies bubble. It's main ingredient is a product called fix-a-flat stolen from the local 7-11 and filled with hot air and lies.

    Bill Bauer
  3. FatJake

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    Re: Lizzie's bubble

    It was obvious striaght off the back that the score card can onlu be used as a basis for a guestimate. No way could you add up all those numbers in order to get the range of 400-900. Duuuuuh. The scorecards best use was identifying determining factors and there rankings. (i.e. 1 inquiry is BETTER than 0.)
  4. judyputy

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    Bill Bauer

    You seem to have gotten more and more hostile. Sorry but we don't need this here.
  5. Bill Bauer

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    More and more hostile?

    Judyputy, you are absolutely right. No, you aren't reading some of my other posts today.

    I'm not trying to be more and more hostile. Esculating idiotic fights over misunderstandings or over anything else is not my cup of tea.

    What we need to do and what I hope will happen is that the situation can be cooled down and we can move on to better things. But as long as I am attacked on a personal level, it's likely to remain a "Katy, bar the door" situation.

    Yes, I am also partly to blame because I came into a "new" forum and questioned the "leaders" morals, He is at least a fairly popular guy, so lots of people have been looking up to him without questioning his morals and ethics. I did that, so I'm to blame for the squabbles to a great extent, but it didn't have to esculate to the point that it has, and he could have been much more tactful in his replies too.

    A good "leader" would most likely came back with something much different than he did.

    But who's to blame is not all that important anyway. Playing "Tu tienes la culpa" games isn't productive either.

    I'll admit my "culpa" and attempt to work towards a more amicable atmosphere when I see some sign that the personal attacks have stopped. He's not stupid and I'm not either.

    Let's get on with it.

    Bill Bauer
  6. Ender

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    Re: More and more hostile?

    There is no quesiton to leaders or whatever else you want to label it.. when you come in and call someone a liar, then try and get them to buy your product - YOU are the one that looks BAD. Not only that, but proclaiming that you get so much sleep and have so many other businesses - who gives a f*ck??!? I sure don't.. I am here to enjoy the credit forum as it is - not your personal insults and attacks on people..

    Not once has Lizardking tried to sell anything.. you are simply more a pest to many people in this forum and that's how it comes across. .that is why people attack you. If you don't have anything productive to say, then shut your hole.
  7. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    Re: More and more hostile?

    I didn't call anyone a liar who hadn't already called themselves a liar, and I most assuredly didn't try to sell any product to any liar that calls themsleves liars.

    In fact, as far as this forum is concerned, I don't have any product to sell that relates to this forum. Some people jump to conclusions based on what they imagine something is rather than looking for the truth. It's easier for them that way, much more convenient.Now then, if you are talking about cigarettes or other products that you might buy in a store or on line, then I still don't sell the actual product, but rather show people how to buy cigarettes and some other products on line at a price that may be cheaper on line than they can get the same product in a store but have to pay a much higher prices for where they live. But I sure don't remember trying to sell anybody an cigarettes, do you?

    And who gives a f*uck? I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be able to answer your question. I'm not familiar with f*ucks so I don't peddle them, either off line or on line. Maybe if you would be a bit moe explicit, I might have heard of f*cks or run into one somewhere and then I could come up with a better answer. Are are you in the business of peddling f*ucks? If so, how much do you get for a f*uck?

    Oh, excuse me,I see you are giving away your f8ucks, not peddling them. Tell me, doesn't giving f*ucks put you in a rather awkward position?

    Oh boy! Will I ever get anything straight? As I read just a bit more, you say you don't give away your f*ucks. Oh well, whatever. do whatever it is you do with your f*ucks. Swap them off between your friends or whatever turns your crank.

    Hey, have an nice day and enjoy your f*ucks, whatever they may be.

    Bill Bauer
  8. FoolEugene

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    back to FICO

    Leaving personal attacks alone and returning to the original subject of this topic...

    FatJake, I understood that all the score components do not add up to 400-900 from the very beginning, as well as you did. There has to be a more complex relation among them than just addition.

    However, the explanation of the speaker at that forum made it clear that even comparing factors in the same row would not reflect real FICO scoring. So, 1 inquiry is not necessarily better than zero. And excuse me, 0.5 years at address is CERTAINLY not better that 2 years. This gives me the idea that THE WHOLE scorecard should be considered an example, and nothing more.
  9. RichGuy

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    To Bill Bauer


    I thought that your first post in this thread was totally juvenile, almost incomprehensible, and possibly the work of an impostor trying to discredit you.

    Then I read your most recent post, and I realized that you have a compulsion to discredit yourself. How many stupid things can a single person say in a single post?

    If you're trying to build your business or enhance your reputation, then you should seriously consider reversing your approach. Then you could post normally for a couple of years and hope everyone forgets your infantile tantrums.

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