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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Dani, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. Dani

    Dani Well-Known Member

    Okay, preapproved for Capital One Premier card. Benefits include credit line up to $3250 and a low fixed APR of 14.9% (0% for 6 months). Also, a $72 annual fee. It has been shredded. I have to give them one good point though they did send the terms of agreement enclosed with the application. Smart move.

    Kay Jewelers sent hubby their diamond guide. Hmm, I may leave this one on his dresser (you know for Xmas ideas) :)

    The rest was bills. Auto insurance and medical insurance. Blah.

  2. myschae

    myschae Well-Known Member

    Sheesh my mail box was stuffed - must be making up from the holidy.

    Preapproved Fleet Platinum - 0%teaser, fixed 9.9% no annual fee. Hrm.

    Water bill

    Privacy Guard offer from Wells Fargo (I have a card with them). To the shredder.

    Preapproved (in hubbys name) AT&T MC (With a little plastic mockup of a card attached to the letter - how quaint ) 0% on transferred balances til Aug and 12.49% thereafter. Oh, and a free calling card. Gee whiz. To the shredder.

    FirstUSA preapproved 0% till May on transfers only then 13.74%. Two cycle billing, blah blah - to the shredder.

    An offer to 'upgrade' my Chase Platinum to a 'Prestige' card for the bargain basement price of $39/year so I can get 14 additional benefits including (LOL)
    - Emergency cash (all ready have that )
    - guarranted non-responsibility for fraudulent charges after you notify them (Uhm... have that by law)
    - toll free number to find an ATM (how handy)
    - toll free number to check the weather in any city (Gee whiz)
    - My personal favorite #14 Continuing charge priveleges (ROFLMAO)
    Well, they figure they'll only be able to sucker *cough* I mean offer this to about 15% of their clientele.

  3. SisterGirl

    SisterGirl Well-Known Member

    * Spiegel sale catalog
    * Musical CD
    * Spiegel order confirmation(bought Coach bag for 20% off...only store I know that does this).
    * Outerwear catalog

    Sister Girl
  4. jzilla

    jzilla Well-Known Member

    Spiegel and Newport catalog
    Offer from Associates for a Visa-0% until April 2002, go to of-get this-25%! ROFLMAO!!!!!
  5. beary

    beary Well-Known Member

    Water Bill $45.00 ---realized they also charge for sewer that means I'm just "renting" the water and then paying for them to take it back.

    Ford Red Carpet Lease Statement
    Sears - Invitation to apply for card
    Chase - Invitation to apply (yeah right)
    Capital One Silver Statement

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