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    Hey everyone I am well on my way to starting my 1st round with all the cra's one cra has verified some info so i have sent another letter redisputing that info and i also sent a letter to attorney general and bbb in those regarding those accts that i has tried to get verificationon but haven't after 180days and the cra claims to have verified. Ialso, have sent letters disputing accounts with th other cra's. I also sent law suit letters to the creditors. I coming with full power in round one. Hope I come out the winner.
  2. Alex

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    Sounds like you're ready to kick major CRA butt! :)

    It's always an adventure to deal with the CRA's and creditors but be persistent,
    and dont give up.

    Best of luck to you, let us know how you're doing!

  3. SisterGirl

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    Best wishes to you...

    I just received a corrected report after pursuing Household Retail Svcs since 12/2000.The CRA's claimed that they verified & I could not get the creditor to respond to my Certified w/Return Reciept letter(until I sent a complaint to the FTC & my Congresslady Eddie Berniece Johnson D-Texas).

    I did call last week to get the physical address to send a Fed-Ex letter to William Aldrich,President of Household Financial Svcs & that may have prompted them that I was preparing for "war"...because I don't play when it comes to my credit.

    Suddenly,Bingo...corrected copy with open/never late from open/was 30 days.

    My praise went to God....because I was still preparing the letter to send,but no longer needed.

    PERSISTANCE is the key !

    Sister Girl

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