Wells Fargo..Can u dispute a CC?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by phxbbw6ft1, Nov 6, 2001.

  1. phxbbw6ft1

    phxbbw6ft1 Well-Known Member

    I have two derogs from Wells Fargo. They are Credit cards. Both balances are for $396 each. Is wells easy to deal with ( ex: will they delete for full paid balance) or should I dispute? Can you dispute a cc? Thanks
  2. keltexx

    keltexx Well-Known Member

    Are these charge offs? Or lates?

    I have had varying success w/WF MC and VISA depending on the CB-everything from complete deletion to multiple listings. They tend to verify everything on the first round.
  3. phxbbw6ft1

    phxbbw6ft1 Well-Known Member

    They are Charge off's......opened date 6/96 and last activity 10/96

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