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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nice Guy, Sep 30, 2000.

  1. Nice Guy

    Nice Guy Guest

    Does anyone have the Wells Fargo secured MC? Does it report as secured or unsecured? How are they in terms of increases or migration to unsecured status? Thanks!
  2. lextalioni

    lextalioni Guest

    I am pretty sure its reported as secured
  3. FISH

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    RE: Wells Fargo Secured MC-got

    It IS reported as secured and the ONLY way that you can get an increase is to send more money. They DO NOT increase secured cards without money. If you have ANY bad credit they WILL NOT give you an unsecured card. I had a card with them for 4 years excellent pay with them and I had an arguement with a supervisor because they would not unsecure it do to some neg,s 5 years ago. Your record had to be clean and you have to REAPPLY for a card they do not just convert it. I told them that after 4 years if they could not unsecure it then close it. They said it would take 6 weeks to get the money returned to me. I only owed a couple of $, so I told them I would think about it. Went to the bank did a cash advance for all but 50
    then called them the next day and said to cancel it. They gave me the 6 week thing again and I said that was ok I just took as cash advance rather than wait for them, with that I closed it
  4. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    RE: Wells Fargo Secured MC-got

    I hope they didn't try to nail you as late for having made the cash advance. Technically, if they really wanted to be turds about it, they could bill you for any purchases or cash advances, even though they owe you money. Remember, the banks' philosophy is that accessing your own money is synonomous with stealing.

    I do know what you mean about Wells Fargo. I've banked with them for years and years, and I'm finding them less and less customer oriented every day. I'm just waiting for them to piss me off enough before I tell them where they can shove the whole operation.

    The arrogant Burger King rejects at my branch really need to know how much of a stink a little old lady can stir up! I've already told one little gum-chewing broad there that I'd love to reach across that counter and snatch her baldheaded and throttle her every time she tries to charge me for cashing a check. I'm in there almost every day, and the little sleaze dumpling knows damned well I have an account with them!

    As for their credit card operations, I must say that I have received really good service from them, but they gave me one hell of a hard time when I applied for the account with excellent credit. I also had paid off a mortgage and an auto loan with them and had a large sum of money in their bank. Even though they couldn't come up with any reasons to decline my application, they were hell-bent and determined to deny me. It took me months of driving them crazy to get them to approve me, and the only reason I didn't drop the issue and go someplace else is that I knew it would really piss someone off.
  5. Jo

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    RE: Wells Fargo Secured MC-got

    LOL...we love you Doris!!!
  6. ShyGuy

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    RE: Wells Fargo Secured MC-got

    That's funny about reporting it as secured because the web site says, "No one can tell that your card is secured." Guess that doesn't include other creditors.

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