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    I think it was "Leslie" that asked but...

    I found the letter that WFNNB sent us agreeing to remove the listing. We tried for so long to get someone who had the mental capacity of (at least) a fruit fly to speak to. They are all so darn RUDE! We finally talked to a woman --Breeze Digor, Presidental Specialist-- in the Customer Service dept. But not even she "receptive" until I called asking who to list in our $15,000 Defamation of Character small claims lawsuit! Funny how fast they seem to move when the smell a lawsuit. She was actually pretty nice. She called back after 20 minutes asking for an address to mail the letter to.

    Here's the contact info as well as Breeze's direct phone number:

    World Financial Network National Bank
    P.O. Box 330066
    Northglenn, Colorado 80233-0066

    1.800.888.5529 ext. 5135
    Direct Line - 303.255.5153

    See what she can do for you. Good luck.

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