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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by gagliano3, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. gagliano3

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    The subject says it all :)

    Actually to be more specific....

    BK ch. 7 discharged almost a month ago... I'm looking to straighten up
    my credit report, I joined PrivacyGuard via AOL Credit Alert which I
    paid $1.00 for 3 months trial. Downloaded my 3 files and 1 credit
    score (FICO: 513)

    I noticed numerous errors!!!

    -Previous and current addresses is mixed up!

    -My Date of birth at one of the credit agency is incorrect

    -1 or 2 account(s) aren't mine (not sure on one because it looks
    familiar but the amount of credit line I know isn't mine, I never had
    a credit line of $10,000)

    -There are some accounts that shows balance and quite handful doesn't
    note "INCL. IN BK" (I know Sharon told me that it SHOULD include in
    BK) some of them are "CHARGED OFF" which is really incorrect!

    I'm going to start disputing these (one or couple aren't in FACT
    mine!) and I'm going to force them to make sure other accounts are
    included in BK, there are other accounts that were paid off and closed
    before I filed for BK, these shouldn't be included in BK) Advices,

    If disputing them to have it all corrected... this in fact increase my
    FICO score?

    Thanks so much for your answers!
    Tom G.
  2. Thee One

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    Hold On!!!!! You may want to do some more reading around here. Especially the top 100 credit repair mistages thread. If you ever hope to remove that BK from your report, you should leave those accounts not reporting as included in BK alone. Reason being if you verify that they were in a BK, and you later get the BK removed from your report, those accounts will be stuck the entire 10yr reporting time because the CRA will have verified those accounts as included in BK. Not to mention they they may request information from you RE: your BK. If you provide them with this you'll never be able to get that BK off your CR. The thread I referenced has more info, but that's what I recall. Check it out before you do anything, I'm still a newb so don't do anything on my word alone...READ!

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