What are valid dispute reasons

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    In terms of the 3 CRA's, what are the valid reasons to dispute? Could someone list them exactly?

    Is it necessary to list one of these reasons or would it be better to just ask for validation of the debt from the CRA?

    Must you specifically say that you want this information deleted in the dispute letter?


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    Re: What are valid dispute rea

    write you letters and explain like you're talking to a 3 year old.
    the best advice I've ever been given is to do this: for every tradeline that's wrong
    1. state what's wrong
    2. specifically state what you want them to do with it.

    Eg: My sears # 12345 account is showing a 120 line of credit. It has a 1200 line of credit. Please correct my line of credit to 1200.

    This XYZ collection agency #45566 is NOT my account. Please delete this account entirely.

    Reasons: ANY error, big or little. If an account is negative and you want it removed.. you dispute 1 item of that tradeline at a time.

    reasons: not mine, not late, never late, wrong limit, wrong balance, account is now closed, account is NOT closed it's open, date opened is wrong, date closed is wrong, account was not transferred, account was transferred, account was closed at consumer's request but is showing open, etc etc.

    Any error in the account can be challenged. I challenge only 1 error at a time so I have another error for another challenge later. Course, if the account is positive and you're wanting 2 positive changes to be made, request them at the same time.

    Eg: your sears card has a great pay history but it's showing open w/a balance and in fact it's closed and has a 0 balance. Since you want the tradeline to remain but you just want errors corrected, then in this instance you'd request both corrections at the same time. No reason not to.

    you'd say "please show this account with a 0 balance and that it's closed by consumer request".

    Hope that helps. If you just asked for validation but didn't give a reason they'd probably write back to you and say you were too vague... or that your request is frivolous. Validation requests are made to colleciton agencies and creditors.

    OH, if you're just trying to get accurate but nonverifiable info off, I know you want to say remove it to the bureaus... but instead you challenge an error on the item and hope it doesn't get verified (therefore it gets deleted) or, you lie and say 'not mine' and hope it gets deleted... but I tend to try to find real errors to challenge and then hope the negative entry disappears b/c it isn't verified.

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