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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kathy, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. Kathy

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    I have my FICO from last nite, it is 593. I have 2 Cap One's in good standing, no lates etc, one Providian, no lates, a paid off mortgage, GMAC current no lates, Speigel current no lates, Lane Bryant no lates, Bank installment loan no lates current, I do have some OLD collection and 1 charge off (settled and paid) from 1995. IS there a better card I might qualify for?
  2. mother2

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    Your report doesn't sound all that bad. I wonder why your score is 593. What are your balances like? Are you over the 15% criteria?

    I'm asking this because my score is 579 and I have a judgement and over 10 charge off accounts listed on my Equifax report. :eek:(
  3. john

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    I had a 599 on mine(I assume you bought yours from Equifax). If you ask me most lenders use Equifax because their FICO scores ten to be lower than scores reported from other CB's. The lower score = higher interest rate or non-approval!!!

    I applied and received a CC from Citibak last week.

    They either (1) pulled from Equifax and ignored the reported score (2) pulled from TU or Experian and received a higher FICO score from either of these two.

    I have also heard that Citi uses their own scoring model so maybe they don't get the score from any of the CB's.

    My situation sounds very similiar to yours. Nothing late reported in over 4 years and some old paid charge offs.

    If I were you I'd apply at Citi. I applied for the Citi Click card and got approved for 5K. I was shocked!!! When I applied it told me immediatley I was approved pending verification of some information on my application. They just wanted to verify my phone number. They don't verify income. I didn't lie about my income but you can probably pad it a little to get a higher credit limit.

    One thing. The Citi Click card is an internet only card. I didn't read the details and really don't need this type of card. I am calling as soon as I recieve the card and request that they change it to the Platinum or the AA Gold card.

    Now my question:
    Does anyone know if changing these cards is a big deal?

    Thanks and good luck,
  4. mother2

    mother2 Well-Known Member

    Equifax =lower scores

    Hmmm, you might have something there. ;O)

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