What card is this??

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nancy, Dec 15, 2000.

  1. Nancy

    Nancy Guest

    I responded to a pre approved offer from a Providian Bank. I recevie the card it is a silver card with a big P in the middle is this a Platinum card or what?
  2. average jo

    average jo Guest

    Yes it is their platinum card.However this type of card is very hard to get.Providian has the dumbist credit requirements for qualifacations to obtain their highest status card.If you got an excellent credit rating you would have a good chance,otherwise you will end up with ethier a gold or worse yet their classic card.
  3. dee

    dee Guest

    I rec. my Providian Plat card 1st, than I rec an offer for the gold 6 months later and i have terrible credit. which I'm working to clear up .
  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Providian gold can be like $500 line of credit.

    Providian Platinum is no less than $5000 according to their site. Big difference.
  5. Desmond

    Desmond Guest

    What do their visa classic card look like?
  6. Sister Gir

    Sister Gir Guest

    I have heard this before on the site;I think it's best to call to inquire(because I remember that someone said that large "P" in the middle is just an insignia...nothing more.I hate to misquote,but just FYI.

    Sister Girl
  7. S.D.

    S.D. Guest

    visa classic

    It's a dark blue color. kinda plain.
  8. Sorin

    Sorin Well-Known Member

    It's not a Platinum....

    Hi, I have it also. I think it's a special
    issue of their classic visa, with some gold benefits on it.

    But it's definitely not platinum, although it looks like one
  9. average jo

    average jo Guest

    A dark blue card with a visa logo on the bottom right corner.It has their providian symbol on the front of their card.It's just classic lookin card.No big "P" in the middle of the card.So it's not a platinum card.
  10. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    RE: It's not a Platinum....

    Didn't you get any information with the card? I got a $1000 limit Aria 2 weeks ago, nothing came with it. How the heck do I know what it is? I e-mailed customer service and received 2 responses. #1 said, we didn't forget you we'll answer you soon. #2 said look at the info enclosed with the card. There wasn't anything with the card. Haven't used it yet, I'm afraid of what I'll be hit with later. The card looks to be like a Persona or a Premier. Hmmmmm....Who knows?
  11. Harry

    Harry Guest

    I have the same card it is called a classic visa plus.It is a classic visa with some of there gold cards benefits.

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