What credit card is best?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Fuba, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. Fuba

    Fuba Well-Known Member

    If one were to get a new credit card, what would be the best?

    This is what I mean by best:

    Low rate...
    Reports to all 3 CRA's...
    Highest limit to raise FICO

    I don't plan on using this card much, I need the extra positive tradeline.
  2. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    I think the Bofa Visa Platinum (fixed rate) would be good. The rate is 9.9% fixed, which may not be a great fixed rate anymore, but it should stay that way even if interest rates go up. Bofa reports to all the three CRAs and they do start you off with nice limits.

    Bofa also gives you nice BT offers. I think the current promotion they're running is the prime rate for the life of the BT, which is not bad considering that your entire CL is available as cash as well.

    The Cap One Visa Platinum gives you the lowest fixed rate available, but there's no guarantee they'll give you a generous CL ($300 Platinum card).
  3. jsummers

    jsummers Well-Known Member

    Well if your looking for another positive tradeline, and need a highlimit to off set the credit to debt ratio.. you may not have the scores to pull in one of the higher limit prime cards.
  4. Fuba

    Fuba Well-Known Member

    Is there a chart anywhere with these cards and what
    fico score is needed for each?
  5. jsummers

    jsummers Well-Known Member

    No there really isnt any truly accurate chart out there.. Wish there was would have saved me tons of Inq's back in the day.

    Your pretty much wasting your time applying for the majority of the prime cards if your not over 720 FICO..

    One card that does have easier requirements and offers a decent credit line is Best Buy.. They are run by household and if I am not mistaken I had aroun a 670 and got 4k credit with them.. and they report to all CRA's

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