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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joey1123, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. joey1123

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    Ill try to keep this story short so theres not that much reading. About 3 weeks ago I applied for personal loan through washing mutual. The lady that took the application from me said that in order to qualify I need a 680 fico or higher. I had a 700. She submitted my app and said she will give me a call on monday .Waited to monday no call from her. Tuesday i went down to the office and spoke with her she said that the only thing holding me back from getting the loan was a neg account that was still on eq that shouldave been deleted. I gave her the papers from citibank stating the account should have been deleted. That wasnt good enough i was told 5 days later. The rep at the bank said that the underwriter wanted the account deleted from my report for me to get approved. I went through hell and to make a long story short i got the account off in 2 days. I called the rep and she wasnt in that day. Called the next day and told her the account was deleted she said great she got an email from the head office asking when to pull another report. She said she will call them and call me back. The weekend passed and havent heard anything from her. When I call the bank I get put on hold for a half hour than hung up on or I get told She will call me back and she never does. So I went down to the bank today to speak with her in person. She said they havent gotten back to her yet and when she called in they told her that if the app was declined they do not re-review the app. Well if this is true why was i told to get this account removed so i can be approved. Why did they pull two more hards to see if the account was gone yet. Someone is lying here and i am getting really annoyed. I just called her again to see if they called her back and i got hung up on again. The bottom line is i did what this rep told me to do and she said i will be approved once the account is gone. Washington mutual pulled another 2 hards to see that. Now she tells me they do not re-review apps. To make things worse I got declined at two more banks today because of there inquiries. I was promised by this lady from the bank. I did what she said and now she is avoiding me. What should I do?. Im ready to have a nervous breakdown here. I think I should just sue them for misleading me and pain and suffering this has caused not to mention the monatery damages.
  2. joey1123

    joey1123 Well-Known Member

    Not to mention the fact that when i saw her today i said i cant wait any longer for these people i think im just gonna go to another bank. She says "go ahead buth there not gonna approve you". What a c u next tuesday
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    Perhaps, if their policy is not to re-review, all inquiries after the initial rejection can be considered to be without permissible purpose. By their own statements, they had already decided NOT to do business. At least that is what their own rep claims. You might be able to twist their arms to remove later inquiries, or perhaps have them answer an FTC complaint, if you want to. The fact that one part of the company does not know what the other part is doing is their problem, and should not be a defense.
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    As pointed out, you should have no problems getting the inquiries removed.

    Another way to look at this: do you really want to owe money to people that unreliable so far? It's a blessing.
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    WaMu did you a favor - their customer service has a reputation of being the pits. These and other boards are littered with tales of WaMu woe.

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